Hip Bursitis
Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Complications, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

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How is Hip Bursitis diagnosed?

The first step towards an accurate and complete diagnosis of an individual suffering from a condition of the hip bursitis is a comprehensive physical examination by our esteemed doctors. Our professionals may then prescribe one or more of the following diagnostic test procedures:

  • X-Rays
  • MRI scans
  • Ultrasound procedure
  • Bone scanning

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How is Hip Bursitis prevented?

Even though the development of this condition cannot be entirely prevented, there are certain measures an individual can take to prevent the inflammation of bursa from getting worse. These measures are:

  • Avoid activities that put excessive stress on the hips
  • Losing weight in cases for obese individuals
  • Wear a fitting shoe inserts
  • Maintain continuous movement and flexibility of the hip muscles

Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment for Hip Bursitis

What is the treatment for Hip Bursitis?

The first step of treatment of this condition is not surgery. Some of the treatment strategies prescribed by our professionals are:

  • Change in activities: Patients are often asked to make modification in activities that worsen their condition.
  • Medications: Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used to relieve pain.
  • Assistive devices: Doctors may recommend the usage of a walking cane or crutches for a few days.
  • Physical therapy: May involve a physical therapist or at-home stretching exercises. Using ice on the affected area is also recommended.
  • Injections: Steroid injections along with a local anesthetic is helpful to relieve the symptoms of this condition.
  • Surgery: A surgery is rarely needed to treat hip bursitis. However, when the pain is unbearable due to the swelling of the bursa, a surgical procedure is performed to remove it. The removal of the bursa does not affect the hip.

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