Compartment Syndrome
Causes, Symptoms, Complications, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

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How is Compartment Syndrome prevented?

Even though there isn’t a definite way to prevent compartment syndrome, some techniques that can help are: 

  • Early diagnosis of the condition
  • Wearing the right shoes to prevent insufficient blood supply to the legs
  • Altering gait pattern in athletes
  • Improving flexibility in the affected areas

Compartment Syndrome diagnosis

How is Compartment Syndrome diagnosed?

Based on the type of injury and symptoms observed, our doctor may direct you to one of these diagnostic procedures such as:

  • Infrared spectroscopy 
  • MRI scan
  • Compartment pressure measurement
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray
  • Blood tests

The diagnosis centre in our orthopedic department, at Yashoda Hospitals, is created as per international standards, with world-class facilities. Our medical staff is available round-the-clock making us one of the best hospitals near you.

What is the treatment for Compartment Syndrome?

There are various treatment strategies available for compartment syndrome, these include:

  • Below the heart: Ensuring that the affected area is always below the heart to maintain adequate blood flow to that compartment at all times.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy helps ease the pain and increase the flexibility and mobility of the joints. 
  • Orthotics (inserts for shoes) to avoid pressure on the affected leg are commonly used to provide comfort to patients with compartment syndrome
  • Medicines: Anti-inflammatory medicines are used to relieve the pain in the affected area. 
  • Surgery: Fasciotomy is a surgical procedure commonly used for the treatment of acute compartment syndrome. This procedure involves relieving pressure by cutting open the inflexible tissue encasing each of the affected muscle compartments (fascia).

Our expert team consists of orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, physical medicine experts, physiotherapists, and a bone specialist doctor. Their expertise and dedicated support along with the best treatment strategies provided by our hospital has made Yashoda Hospitals one of the top hospitals in India for compartment syndrome

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