Burning Thigh Pain
Causes, Symptoms, Complications, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

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How is Burning Thigh Pain diagnosed?

A brief medical history and physical examination by our experts is the first step towards the diagnosis of the condition. Then our doctors may recommend the following diagnosis procedures:

  • Imaging studies: Such as X-rays, CT scans, or an MRI scan depending on the condition. X-rays are the most common.
  • Electromyography: It is a test that is used to measure the electrical discharge produced in muscles to diagnose muscle disorders. The procedure involves a small electrode insertion onto the muscle to record the electrical activity.
  • Nerve conduction study: It involves the use of patch-style electrodes that are placed on the skin to stimulate the nerve with a low electrical impulse. This helps in diagnosing damaged nerves.
  • Nerve blockage technique: In this procedure, ultrasound imaging is used to guide a needle into the thigh near the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. If this procedure relieves pain, it is confirmed that the patient is suffering from this condition.

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How is Burning Thigh Pain prevented?

An individual can reduce the likelihood of development of this condition by adopting certain adoptive measures such as:

  • Wear loose clothing to prevent excess pressure on the thigh
  • Losing excess weight in case of obese individuals
  • Avoiding the use of belts, etc.

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Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment for Burning Thigh Pain

What is the treatment for Burning Thigh Pain?

The treatment strategies for this condition include:

  • Medications: Usually, medications such as corticosteroid injections, tricyclic antidepressants, and gabapentin are used in treating and reducing the pain caused by this condition.
  • Surgery: The surgical procedure is only used when the patient is facing extreme discomfort. It is very rare to perform a surgery.
  • Other Remedies: There are quite a few simple remedies that help in reducing the pain and treating the condition. The remedies include losing weight, wearing loose clothes, etc.

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