Boutonniere Deformity
Causes, Symptoms, Complications, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Boutonniere Deformity Prevention

In order to prevent the development of boutonniere deformity in individuals, a few preventive measures can be taken especially in people playing sports, such as:

  • Wearing a splint for a few days to prevent progression of damage
  • Stretching exercises to ensure uniform movement and flexibility of the fingers and to prevent any excessive stress to them.
  • Use correct protective equipment while playing sports or getting involved in other such activities.

Boutonniere Deformity Diagnosis

Some of the common diagnostic tools that may be used for the detection of a condition of boutonniere deformity are:

  • Physical examination
  • X-Ray
  • Radiography

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Boutonniere Deformity Treatment

The treatment strategies that are commonly used for the treatment of this condition are:

  • Splints: It is applied to the middle joint of the finger in order to straighten it. This prevents the ends of the tendons from separating, and allows the end joint of the finger to bend. It is recommended to wear splints for a period of 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Physical therapy: It is recommended to practice stretching exercises to restore the flexibility and strength of the fingers. 
  • Taping: For individuals involved in sports, protective splinting and taping of fingers is recommended for a few weeks after the removal of splints. 
  • Medications: Use of oral medications or corticosteroid injections.
  • Surgery: It is recommended when the injury results from rheumatoid arthritis, severed tendons, displacement of a large bone fragment, or when splinting is ineffective. A surgical procedure can decrease the pain as well as improve the functioning of the fingers. 

Boutonniere Deformity Treatment

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