FAQs about Covid-19

1. Does taking the COVID Vaccine to affect the Menstrual Cycle?

2. COVID Vaccine Period Cycle?

3. Time gap between the first and second dose of Covishield Vaccine?

4. Covishield Vaccine vs Sputnik Vaccine?

5. Is there any difference between the first and second dose of Covishield Vaccine?

6. When should I take the second dose of COVID Vaccine Covishield?

7. Is a single dose of Covishield Vaccine effective?

8. Precautions to be taken after COVID Vaccination Covishield?

9. Is only one dose of Covishield Vaccine Effective?

10. What are the symptoms of Black Fungal Infection?

11. Is there any advantage in doing a CT scan for moderate COVID cases?

12. If you are pregnant What are the symptoms?

13. Plasma therapy not effective likely to be dropped from clinical management guidelines on COVID-19?

14. Is there any single-dose vaccine for COVID-19, Unlike Covaccine and Covishield which are given in two doses?

15. Is MUCOR mycosis also seen in western countries in post COVID period or is it mainly seen in India?

16. Effectiveness of Covishield Vaccine and Covaxin?

17. Plasma therapy in COVID-19 with benefits and side effects?

18. When antibodies are produced after Covishield Vaccination?

19. Which drug is prohibited in COVID shield vaccination?

20. My mother had got the Corona Vaccine last week and she is suffering still from fever and shivering now what we do?

21. How safe for filariasis affected person to take the Corona Vaccine?

22. I stopped taking blood thinner tab acitrom 4mg three days before I took the first dose of Covishield Vaccine When can I resume taking my acitrom tab after 1st dose of COVID Vaccine?

23. I am on immunosuppressant medicine for autoimmune disease will it be safe if I take COVID Vaccination?

24. Pulsatile tinnitus occurring in one ear post-COVID infection and its treatment?

25. I am diabetes patients of 45 years I recovered from COVID last month can I take Covishield Vaccine?

26. Any side effects after Corona Vaccine in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients?

27. After Corona treatment pass 44 day but still I’m suffering from tiredness legs and back pain?

28. A person with an AB+ blood group of 70 years of age with no major health issues is it safe for him to take COVID Vaccine?

29. Side effects of Corona Vaccine on a person if he has Hypertension and has removed Gallbladder?

30. It is safe for COPD patients to take COVID-19 Vaccine, if yes which vaccine is more effective what precautions should they take before and after taking the vaccine?

31. Can I take restyl tablet along with COVID treatment?

32. After Corona Vaccination got fever bone pain and black fungus whether he should go for 2nd vaccination?

33. If remdesivir injection given to 60 years old COVID patient will it increases the serum ferritin?

34. Is it recommendable to take a COVID vaccine the first dose at age of 57 years for a woman with a slight headache?

35. What is the name of Russia’s first COVID-19 Vaccine?

36. COVID and pregnancy second-trimester treatment?

37. I’m 72yrs suffering from asthma bone/body pains can I take Corona Vaccine?

38. I’m 58 yrs old I don’t have any health complications I smoke can I get Caccine COVID?

39. I am a diabetic n heart patient 70 years old woman, want to know when will I get COVID Vaccination done,I had COVID 6 months back?

40. Can I receive local anesthesia for tooth extraction immediately after the COVID-19 Vaccination?

41. I am suffering from high blood pressure and thyroid problems n having medicines regularly so is it possible to take COVID-19 Vaccines for me?

42. What is the treatment given to COVID patients in the hospital?

43. Is it safe to get vaccinated in hospitals that are treating patients for COVID-19?

44. I am feeling only fatigue after quarantine for 4 days it is symptoms of COVID-19?

45. After a CT scan in the brain patient can take the COVID-19 Vaccine after how many days or not possible to take that vaccine?

46. My age is 55 years, can I get the COVID vaccine? I am suffering from high blood pressure disease only?

47. My father took a CT scan for COVID last week for his general check-up without any symptoms but now he suffered from fever can we take a CT scan again?

48. CML blood cancer patients taking COVID vaccine yes or no?

49. After herpes infection recently can one take the COVID Vaccine?

50. What are the stage-wise symptoms of COVID?

51. Shall we make a second dose of the COVID Vaccine anywhere in India?

52. I am COVID-19 positive I have pain in my right leg I want a Solution?

53. Does allergy in penicillin injection or penicillin medicines may affect Corona Covaxin?

54. My blood sugar levels 250 mg fasting I can put in the COVID-19 Vaccine?

55. Corona positive case on home quarantine but he is feeling mild back pain and mild difficulty on deep breathing what is the line of management at home?

56. Can I get the COVID Vaccine during my menstrual cycle?

57. I had taken the first dose of Covishield Vaccine on 5th March then I infected COVID-19 on 6th April now when I should take a second dose of Covishield Vaccine?

58. Do a person need medication for dealing with body aches and fatigue post COVID?

59. What is Delta Variant Coronavirus?

60. Is Delta Variant same as Indian Variant?

61. Where did the Delta Variant come from?

62. Is AstraZeneca effective against Delta Variant?

63. Which Vaccine is effective against Delta Variant?

64. How effective is Covishield against Delta Variant?

65. Pfizer Vaccine against Delta Variant?

66. Delta Variant can infect despite Covishield Covaxin doses?

67. Pfizer efficacy against Delta Variant?

68. Delta Variant COVID Vaccine efficacy?

69. Coronavirus Delta Variant Symptoms?

70. How infectious is the Delta Variant?

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