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About Yashoda Hospital

Since three decades, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has been providing quality healthcare for the people in their diverse medical needs. People trust us because of the strong relationships we’ve built with them over the years.

Under astute leadership and strong management, Yashoda Group of Hospitals has evolved as a centre of excellence in medicine providing the highest quality standards of medical treatment to all sections of the society. Our work has always been guided by the needs of patients and delivered by our perfectly combined revolutionary technology, best medical expertise and advanced procedures.

We offer sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery.

  • 3 independent hospitals
  • 3 Heart Institutes
  • 3 Cancer Institutes
  • 2400 Beds
  • 62 Medical specialties
  • 700 Specialist doctors

Constantly pushing our horizons to excellence, we are continuously seeking solutions to provide better patient care by improving our overall facilities of hospital management and at the same time ensuring control on the patient cost.


Ms. Ayesha Akthar’s story – Esophageal cancer & Septoplasty


Mrs. Ayesha Akhtar was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in Bangladesh and underwent surgery. Since it was unsuccessful, she came to Yashoda Hospitals seeking further treatment. After a round of laboratory tests and a PET scan, the condition was accurately diagnosed as a sinus block (which was showing up as a cancer on the MRI scan). Mrs. Akhter underwent septoplasty and received comprehensive care at Yashoda Hospitals.

Post-surgery, she is doing well and is living a healthy life.

Mr. Mafizur Sheik shares his experience with spine surgery


Mr. Sheik was unwell for several years and unable to walk. He sought treatment in multiple local medical centers but did not find any resolution to his condition. When he was in Kolkata for treatment, he heard of Yashoda Hospitals and received several good reviews. Thus, he chose to be treated here.

After spine surgery, he was able to walk soon and returned home.

Your Experience at Yashoda Hospitals

Yashoda Hospitals is committed to providing world-class treatment for patients from across the globe. With the unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, intuitive care, and clinical excellence, we are the healthcare destination for thousands of patients.

Comprehensive care

On the journey to good health, we understand that it is important for you to feel at home. We plan out all aspects of your trip.

Expert doctors

Experienced specialists perform non-invasive and minimally invasive surgeries to provide the best treatment for international patients.

Cutting-edge technology

Our hospitals are equipped with advanced technology to perform a wide range of procedures and treatments.

Clinical excellence

We deliver excellence by delivering quick and efficient healthcare and through pioneering research that helps all our future.patients.


Our hospitals provide all patients access with helpful resources. They have ensured access too advanced treatments and excellent clinical care.


Yashoda Hospitals is NABH and NABL accredited. We meet the highest clinical standards of blood safety and quality for all blood transfusions and procedures.


Nutritious meals are provided to the patients in accordance while taking into consideration cultural values and their health condition.


The best environment for recovery is clean and sanitized. Through restorative waste management and disease control, we provide all patients and employees a hygienic space.


In existence for 30 Years and growing

The combined expertise of our doctors enables us to treat a variety of complex cases.

Capacity of 2400 Beds

Our three independent hospitals, have a combined capacity of 2400 beds

Treating 1.2 Million Patients annually

We treat 1.2 Million patients from over 40 countries annually.

Strength of 10000 Employees

We offer comprehensive care with the combined efforts of medical and nonmedical staff.

Center of Excellence

We devote individualized resources to our patients. The dedicated Patients Services team at Yashoda Hospitals coordinates with patients from across the globe who are planning to receive treatment with us. Our personalized care for each patient’s needs assures the streamlining of resources to deliver quality healthcare.

The best team of Heart Specialists


The best team of Heart Specialists and Surgeons available 24X7

The best center for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants

CT Surgery

The best center for Minimally Invasive Surgeries and Transplants.

The Neuro Institute is a regional leader


The Neuro Institute is a regional leader in treating neurological disorders

World Leaders in Oncology Care


World Leaders in Oncology Care.

dedicated team with experience of Liver Transplants


A dedicated team with experience of over 2700 Liver Transplants.

Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

Spine Surgery

Dedicated spine surgeons to treat emergency trauma and complex deformities

Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures


World renowned Ortho Specialists performing the latest procedures

the best Nephrologists and Urologists


Offers advanced  expertise of the best Nephrologists and Surgeons

Pioneering team of robotic surgeries

Robotic Sciences

Pioneering team with the highest number of robotic surgeries



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Yashoda Hospitals


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Yashoda Hospitals


Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500082

Yashoda Hospitals


Nalgonda X Roads, Malakpet, Hyderabad – 500036


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