Patient Testimonial for Operated for Tongue/Oral Cancer

Testimonial by P. Narsing Rao

Treatment for: Cancer
Treated by: Dr. Sachin Marda
Patient location: Hyderabad

In the year 2013, when I was diagnosed with cancer it created a wide sense of unhappiness amongst my family members. It is only after the counselling sessions with Dr. Sachin Subhas Marda from Yashoda Hospitals that I felt better and found myself hopeful. He helped me make the right decision regarding the treatment and provided me and my family with confidence and belief from time to time. Post-surgery, I’ve been through Chemo and Radiation therapy too. 

It’s been 7 years now, except for a few regular pains due to my old age, I have not experienced even a single cancer related problem. As advised by Dr Sachin Marda, I am following a proper diet, practicing yoga and visiting him for my regular checkups every six months.   

I am delighted for the treatment,  Dr Marda is one of the Best Oncologists in India. We are jubilant and thankful since we were destined to be with a doctor like him.

I’ll happily recommend you to all my family and friends who are suffering from any cancer.  

Thanking you,
Narsing Rao.  

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