Patient Testimonial for COVID-19 Home Quarantine Treatment & Monitoring

Testimonial by Mrs. Rama lakshmi

Treatment for: COVID-19
Treated by: Dr. Ranga Santhosh
Patient location: Hyderabad

On July 16th, my parents and I were tested positive for COVID-19. We surfed through Yashoda Hospitals website and immediately decided to take the COVID-19 Home Quarantine Package. The package helped us a lot in giving complete guidance on home isolation, care & disinfection. Special thanks to Ms. Jeevitha who arranged a session with Dr. Ranga Santosh & the Physiotherapist. As per the guidance given by this team we could overcome the difficulty both psychologically and physically. The team constantly monitored our vitals and instilled so much confidence in us that the news headlines could not disturb our determination to overcome this infection. Kudos to the entire team of Yasodha Hospitals for the timely management of the situation virtually. Our special thanks to Dr. Ranga Santosh for his devotion in managing the patients in this typical situation.

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