Patient Testimonial for Breast Preservative Oncoplastic Surgery

Testimonial by Mrs. Jhansi Lakshmi

Treatment for: Breast Preservative Oncoplastic Surgery
Treated by: Dr. Sachin Marda
Patient location: Hyderabad

In breast preservative oncoplastic surgery, the malignant tumour is excised from the breasts, and the breasts are then cosmetically remodelled using plastic surgical procedures.

The patient is sedated before the breast preservation procedure begins, after which the tumour is removed through an incision. Additionally, it might be necessary to remove some of the nearby healthy tissue. A biopsy of the tumour is performed after which the breast is reshaped using plastic surgery methods.

The patient is monitored in the hospital for an additional two to three days while receiving instructions from the patient on how to care for the wound. The patient is advised to avoid any strenuous activities for two more weeks. The patient may give the prescribed painkillers if they experience pain. In two weeks, the patient will probably be fully recovered and able to go about her daily activities once more.

Mrs. Jhansi Lakshmi, underwent Breast Preservative Oncoplastic Surgery for Breast Cancer, under the supervision of Dr. Sachin Marda, Senior Consultant Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon (Cancer Specialist), Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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