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Patient Testimonial for Cancer Treatment

Testimonial by Mrs. Gamuchirai Chesara

Treated For: Ovarian Cancer
Treated by: Dr. K. Sreekanth
Location: Zimbabwe

Ovarian Cancer treated by best surgical oncologist in hyderabad at Yashoda Hospitals. Mrs. Gamuchirai Chesara underwent chemotheraby and surgery two times in her country Zimbabwe, but she got cancer back both times with in six months and even it spread to upper part of both lower limbs and abdomen. It was technically challenge because it was not at one site it was at four sites. Doctors gave her 3 cycles of chemotherapy, targeted therapies after surgery in both legs and abdominal area. Patient was again diagnosed with PET Scan and there was no sign of Cancer. International patient is very happy with the treatment she got at Yashoda Hospitals. She was mobilized with in 2 days of surgery and was not feeling pain as well.

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