Patient Testimonial for COVID-19 Home Quarantine Treatment & Monitoring

Testimonial by Mr. Kiranbaby SandeepReddy

Treatment for: COVID-19
Treated by: Dr. Ranga Santhosh
Patient location: Mansoorabad

My wife and I were tested positive for COVID19. Initially, we panicked a lot but soon we came to know about the Home Quarantine Package at Yashoda Hospitals. Dr. Santosh, physiotherapists and the nurses were very helpful and cleared all our doubts regarding the virus and they also took utmost care by asking us about the symptoms and suggested timely medicines.We are very much satisfied with services of Yashoda.

Special regards to Santosh sir, we are happy with our consultation throughout the quarantine. I would like to appreciate Jeevitha for her support and care by checking up on us daily and asking about our vitals. Our consultations were well arranged as per our comfort, so it did not interrupt our work from home schedule. Thank you Yashoda Hospitals.

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