Patient Testimonial for Tracheostomy for Bilateral Diaphragmatic Palsy with Prolonged Ventilation

Testimonial by Baby Pranitha

Treatment for: Tracheostomy for Bilateral Diaphragmatic Palsy with Prolonged Ventilation
Treated by: Dr. Suresh Kumar Panuganti
Patient location: Nalgonda, Telangana

The etiology and severity of bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis determine how the paralysis is treated. Patients who developed respiratory failure as a result of bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis were traditionally treated with invasive ventilation. Dr. Suresh Kumar Panuganti, Lead Consultant – Pediatric Critical Care and Pediatrics, guided Baby Pranitha through a Tracheostomy for Bilateral Diaphragmatic Palsy with Prolonged Ventilation at Yashoda Hospitals. He operated on her successfully and gave her a new lease on life.

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