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  • Management of various diseases of skin, hair, nail and cosmetic disorders.
  • Therapeutic modalities like Cauterization, Radio Frequency Cauterization, Glycolic Peeling, TCA & Salicylic acid peeling are available for cosmetic results in various skin problems.

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Health Blogs for Dermatology

10 Ways to Fix a Winter Rash

Dec 03, 2019 18:50

Winter is upon us, and the temperature outside seems to be less than friendly to your skin. Be proactive and safeguard your skin against winter rashes by following these home remedies.

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4 treatable skin diseases: dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer

Jan 11, 2019 15:02

Your skin itching, breaking out or showing some peculiar rashes or allergies and you are not sure what that is? Skin conditions are varied with similar symptoms, that may be changes related to aging, hormones, genetics, allergic reaction or exposure to sun or toxic chemicals.

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Itchy Skin

Oct 22, 2016 04:41

Itchy skin is a complex health condition which may require treatment on long-term basis Pruritus or itchy skin may occur due to rash or another skin condition. It may represent an underlying disease or serious condition viz. liver disease or kidney failure. Itchy skin can be seen in people with dry skin, eczema, allergies, hives, […]

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