Clinical Psychology

Treatment & Expertise

The Department treats a wide variety of mental health conditions such as:

  • Mood–anxiety and depression
  • Life changes and situational stressors – marriage, pregnancy, divorce, medical illnesses and relational problems
  • Adolescent and children – attention difficulties, behavioral problems and mood disturbances
  • Issues related to body image – eating disorders


The Department of Clinical Psychology also works closely with other departments within the hospital to treat and to offer patients with a holistic and comprehensive treatment approach. The Department takes pride in providing high-quality and personalized psychological treatment services that include:

  • Psychological Consultation Service to patients admitted for other medical services at Yashoda Hospital (such as internal medicine, radiology, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics), who are undergoing significant mental illness symptoms
  • Individual Psychotherapy to address issues that cause distress to individuals in their daily life. An initial assessment will be conducted to better understand the person and various factors that contribute to his/her problems and to gather the person’s complete background history
  • Group Psychotherapy: Group Psychotherapy sessions are conducted in groups (3-10 patients per group) for about 1 hour. The group sessions include discussions on specific coping strategies and topics such as, parenting, frustration tolerance, anger management and social skills.
  • Family Psychotherapy: Family Psychotherapy sessions (about 1 hour) can be highly effective and beneficial for a family experiencing anguish and problems within the family. These sessions would act as forums where families can learn to interact properly with each other to improve communication and overall functioning of the family.
  • Couples Psychotherapy: Couples Psychotherapy is for couples who desire to improve their relationships. This therapy not only helps couples who are experiencing conflict and tension in their relationship, but also helps couples who want to gain increased insight into each another.
  • Premarital Counseling: Premarital counseling is valuable for individuals who plan to marry and would like to develop skills to sail through their married life successfully. In addition, this type of counseling helps to identify (and if possible resolve) areas of differences between the would-be couple that can be a source of conflict later.
  • School Consultations: The Department of Clinical Psychology at Yashoda Hospital can make visits at children’s schools to observe a patient in his/her natural academic environment. Such a service can be beneficial to gather information related to a child’s functioning in the school setting and to consult with teaching personnel, provided there was written consent from the child’s guardians.
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