First in Telugu states to introduce Lung Point, technology to diagnose patients with Lung Cancer & Tuberculosis (TB) at early stage

Hyderabad, May 26, 2019: Yashoda Hospitals launched Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation System (VBNS) dubbed ”The Lung Point’,  the First ever in the twin Telugu States. The Lung Point is a newer & ultimate diagnostic tool for the early diagnosis of lung cancers, tuberculosis and other lung diseases. International Pulmonology Conference & training programme was organized in India in a real-time environment including hands-on live workshop, inaugurated by Dr. G. S. Rao, Managing Director, Yashoda Hospitals.

‘The lung point – Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation’, is a game changing device in interventional pulmonology that enables to detect even minute nodules formed in the lungs” said Dr. G. S. Rao, MD, Yashoda Hospitals. This sophisticated system integrated with GPS-aided navigational and CT scanning tools enables the pulmonologists to reach the exact target spot and visualise live images of the lung. The tool also allows the doctors to collect small lung lesions for biopsy by means of a bronchoscope. The Lung Point holds promise in early identification of lung cancer and improve the survival chances of the patient.

“Lung cancer is one of the most commonly reported cancers and is responsible for major part of cancer-related deaths all over the world. It accounts for almost 15% of all new cancer cases & 20% of cancer-related deaths worldwide. There are over 2 million new lung cancer cases estimated every year in India, lung cancer constitutes almost 8% of all new cancer cases & 10% of all cancer-related deaths in India. The clinical outcomes of advanced cancer treatments including targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other measures are much better for lung cancer if detected early. The Lung Point has revolutionized precision diagnosis of early stage lung cancers and tuberculosis.” said Dr. Pavan Gorukanti, Director of Yashoda Hospitals.

“Lung nodules are a common clinical problem. Many diseases including lung cancer present as lung nodules. In the initial stages of cancer, the nodules are small and as the disease progresses the nodules grow in size. As the nodules grow diagnosis gets easier, but for better treatment the lesion must be diagnosed when they are smaller than 1 mm. The current bronchoscopic tools cannot reach such small nodules which are deep within the lungs.

The Lung Point works on a revolutionary software which analyzes the CT scan of the patient and shows the path leading to such small nodules. It is like a virtual GPS within the lungs. Therefore, the nodule can be seen and then be accurately biopsied. We are the first to perform this procedure in the Telugu region.” said Dr. V. Nagarjuna Maturu, Senior Interventional Pulmonologist of Yashoda Hospitals.

International Conference with Live Workshop on Lung Nodules was a unique and focused event done for the first time in our country. More than 300 leading pulmonologists from India and all over the world attended the conference. The programme had eminent foreign & internationally reputed pulmonologists across the Globe including Dr. Chang HaoZhong from China, Dr. Tie Wan Seck from Malaysia and Dr. Melvin Tay from Singapore who shared their experiences regarding the Lung Point.

During the workshop, the participants gained real-time exposure to “The Lung Point” procedure performance & complications overview along with advanced lung cancer treatment procedures, patient selection and indications. The programme included guest lectures, panel discussions, workshop demo & live demonstrations led by senior interventional pulmonologists Dr. V Nagarjuna Maturu, Dr. P N S Reddy and Dr.  Raghotham Reddy.

The Department of Interventional Pulmonology at Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda was the first to introduce bronchoscopic cryotherapy in 2016 and Bronchial Thermoplasty in 2017. The highest number of bronchial thermoplasty in the country have been performed at this centre. Soon in this year, we shall also be introducing another promising therapy for patients with severe COPD, the Bronchoscopic Thermal Vapor Ablation by Inter Vapor®. This prestigious department is soon launching Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship programme, to train the next generation of Pulmonologists.

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