Best Plastic Surgeon in India

With the changing time, the ideology of Indians regarding plastic surgery has changed drastically. Such procedures enhance the looks and restore the functionality of any structurally compromised body part. So, it involves both reconstructive and cosmetic/aesthetic interventions. 

The scope of plastic surgery is not limited to just nose and lip jobs. This might be another introduction to this healthcare field that chiefly serves celebrities and stars. Reconstruction and cosmetic modifications are two different aspects of this healthcare branch. The matter of fact is that when physically devastating diseases like cancer invade certain body parts badly, then this sub-specialty comes into play. It helps restore the appearance and functionality of that body region to bring the patient close to normalcy. 

Such a corrective aspect of this kind of surgery has even bought it into the category of insured surgical procedures. Furthermore, its scope has now widened up to microsurgeries to reconstruct nerves and blood vessels, which are even finer than a hair strand. Therefore, the advancements in this field are putting the greatest impact on the lives of cancer survivors.

With the increasing demand for plastic surgery, various healthcare organizations claim to serve India’s best plastic surgery results. Still, all do not stand up to their claims. Therefore, people fall prey to quacks and end up losing their hopes to get desired and required results. 

Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, houses the highly qualified plastic surgeons in India. Their team of cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgeons has years of experience and vast knowledge. 

All plastic surgeries are performed here, including reconstruction after cancer treatment and other complicated procedures. All these operations utilize super technologically advanced and latest facilities.


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      Top Plastic Surgery Doctors in India

      Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

      Dr. Shashikanth

      MS, M.Ch
      18 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

      2 awards
      • Reconstructive Microsurgery (Reconstruction of Complex Wounds, Limb in Trauma)
      • Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction
      • NCO Reconstruction
      • Surgery of the Hand (as a Subspecialty of Plastic Surgery)
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10am - 5pm

      best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in hyderabad

      Dr. Sanjeev Sasmith. B

      MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Plastic Surgery)
      15 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Plastic Surgeon

      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

      Best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in hyderabad

      Dr. Murali Mohan Reddy

      MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery)
      20 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Plastic, Cosmetic, Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgeon

      • Trauma and Onco Reconstruction Surgery
      • Microsurgery
      • Cosmetic Surgery
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

      best Plastic Surgeon

      Dr. M. V. Chandra Mouli

      MS, M.Ch
      13 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10am - 5pm

      best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in hyderabad

      Dr. Sasikanth Maddu

      MS, MCh Plastic Surgery (Mumbai), Fellow in Aesthetic and Craniofacial Surgery (Paris)
      20 Years Of ExperienceSr. Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Craniofacial Surgeon

      • Cosmetic Microvascular Surgery
      • Microvascular Surgery
      • Mandibular Reconstruction in Children
      • Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

      best Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon in hyderabad

      Dr. Srinivas S Jammula

      MS, MCh (Burns and Plastic Surgery)
      14 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

      3 awards
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

      Dr. P. Prakash

      Dr. P. Prakash

      MS, MCh Plastic Surgery (NIMS), Fellowship in Supermicrosurgery (S. Korea), Ex. Associate Professor-NIMS
      13 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

      1 awards
      • Reimplantations
      • Microsurgery
      • Supermicrosurgery
      • Cosmetic Surgery


      Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon in India?

      It is always a team, not an individual’s effort, behind making plastic surgery a success. So, Yashoda Hospital, in its mission to deliver the most affordable healthcare, has strengthened its plastic surgery team with highly experienced plastic surgeons and advanced supporting facilities to provide the best results.

      Which is the best Plastic Surgery hospital in India?

      With an outstanding team of cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgeons, Yashoda Hospitals are undoubtedly the best plastic surgery hospitals in India. It offers top-rated, advanced, latest, and fully equipped services from world-class doctors of concerned departments.

      What conditions do Plastic Surgeons treat in India?

      The following conditions indicate the need for plastic surgery:

      • Innate/inborn defects
      • Trauma 
      • Aesthetic or functional damage caused by any disease like cancer
      • Any defect causing malfunctioning of the whole body or part of the body
      • To enhance the beauty or aesthetics
      What procedures and surgeries do Plastic Surgeons do?

      Plastic Surgeons perform the following procedures:

      • Constructive surgeries to correct innate/inborn defects
      • Reconstructive surgeries to reduce defects or damage caused by any trauma or disease like cancer or restore any body function
      • Cosmetic/Aesthetic surgeries to enhance the beauty of a body part
      Why are Yashoda Hospitals among the best Plastic Surgeon hospitals in India?

      India’s highly experienced and well-qualified plastic surgeons serve the Yashoda Hospitals as a team, making it the best Plastic Surgeon hospital in India. Moreover, the hospital provides the best facilities with the latest technology to ensure a high success rate at an affordable cost.

      Who is a plastic surgeon?

      A plastic surgeon is a healthcare professional specializing in performing certain surgeries that can construct, reconstruct, or add aesthetics to any body part as per the requirement.

      Are plastic surgeons doctors?

      Yes. Undoubtedly, a plastic surgeon is a doctor. As per definition, a doctor helps in treating and healing from ailments. Therefore, by performing the surgical interventions to restore body functions, a plastic surgeon satisfies the criteria of being a doctor very well.

      Can a general surgeon also be a plastic surgeon?

      Yes. A general surgeon can also be a plastic surgeon if he has done a plastic surgery fellowship program apart from having a postgraduate “Master of Surgery” degree after MBBS.

      Is cosmetic surgery safe?

      Yes. Cosmetic surgery is undoubtedly a safe solution to get a better look. But one must reach a highly qualified and well-experienced cosmetic surgeon because preservation of underlying structure is critical in any surgery.

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