Dr. Arshad Punjani

Consultant Physician & Diabetologist

Dr. Arshad Punjani

Dr. Arshad Punjani

MBBS, Post Graduation (Internal Medicine)

Department: General Medicine
Designation: Consultant Physician & Diabetologist
Years Of Experience: 16
Location: Somajiguda
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu and Gujarati
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Dr. Arshad Punjani is a Consultant Physician & Diabetologist at Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda, with over 14 years of experience.

Education Qualifications

Education Qualifications

  • Feb 2010: Diploma Fellowship in Diabetology (DFID), CMC, Vellore
  • May 2004-2007: Post Graduation (Internal Medicine), Deccan College of Medical Sciences. Hyderabad
  • 2002: Fellowship in Emergency Medicine, RCGP, UK
  • July 1992-Aug 1998: MBBS, Dr D Y Patil Medical College, Mumbai
  • 2019-Present: Consultant Physician & Diabetologist at Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda
  • 2008-2019: Consultant Physician & HOD, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda, Hyderabad
  • Jan 2013-Present: Associate Professor, DCMS, Hyderabad
  • Dec 2007-Dec 2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, DCMS, Hyderabad
  • June 2002-2004: Emergency Room Incharge & Administrator, Apollo Hospital, Malakpet, Hyderabad
  • 2001-2002: Emergency Room Physician, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderguda
  • 1998- 1999: Internship, Rajawadi Hospital, Mumbai
Research & PublicationsResearch & Publications
  • July 2006-Dec 2006: Research Coordinator for IC4-5702-62-IND, Titled, “Maintenance of Glycemic Control with the evening administration of a long acting Sulfonylurea in male Type 2 Diabetic Patients undertaking the Ramadan Fast” Int. J. Clin Pract, July 2010;64 (8): 1090-1094
  • Myocardial abscess secondary to staphylococcal septicemia: Diagnosis with 3D echocardiography. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ihj.2012.12.005
  • Principal Investigator for “XCITE Study, BAYER AG”
  • Investigator for “Study of Erythropoetin in Chronic Kidney Disease”

Frequently asked questions   FAQ'S

  1. 1. Why do patients frequently visit Dr. Arshad Punjani?

    Patients frequently visit Dr. Arshad Punjani to receive treatment for diabetes and other general medical conditions.

  2. 2. What is Dr. Arshad Punjani's education qualification?

    Dr. Arshad Punjani has the following qualifications – MBBS, Post Graduation in Internal Medicine.

  3. 3. What does Dr. Arshad Punjani specializes in?

    Dr. Arshad Punjani is specialized in treatment for diabetes and other general medical conditions.

  4. 4. Where does Dr. Arshad Punjani practice?

    Dr. Arshad Punjani practices at Yashoda Hospitals – Somajiguda.

  5. 5. How can I book Dr. Arshad Punjani's appointment?

    You can book Dr. Arshad Punjani’s appointment online for Online video consultation and Opd consultation.

  6. 6. How many years of experience does Dr. Arshad Punjani have?

    Dr. Arshad Punjani has 14 years of experience as a Physician & Diabetologist.

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