Dr. Manusrut

Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon

Dr. Manusrut

Dr. Manusrut

MS, DNB, Fellowship in Implant Otology (CMC, Vellore), Advanced Cochlear Implant Training (ICIT, USA)

Department: ENT
Designation: Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon
Years Of Experience: 11
Day time OPD: MON - SAT 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Location: Somajiguda
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali
Med Reg No: 68108 - TS Med Council
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Dr. Manusrut is a Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon at Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda.

He is an expert ENT Surgeon with advanced training in Cochlear Implantation and Ear Surgery. He is one of the first and youngest Fellowship Trained Cochlear Implant Surgeons in India. His areas of expertise include Ear Disorders, Skull Base Surgery, and Hearing Implants. He has performed more than 2000 surgeries encompassing all subspecialties of Ear, Nose, Throat and Head and Neck diseases. He has a keen interest in Sialendoscopy for Salivary Gland Disorders and is one of the few practitioners specializing in Sialendoscopy in the region.

Education Qualifications

Education Qualifications

  • April 2016-July 2016: Advanced Cochlear Implant Training & Advanced Bionics, Institute of Cochlear Implant Training, Valencia, California, USA
  • July 2016: Visiting Physicians Programme, House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • 2014-2016: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Implant Otology, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  • 2014: Diplomate of National Board (DNB) Otorhinolaryngology, National Board of Examinations, New Delhi
  • 2011-2014: Master of Surgery (MS), ENT Head and Neck Surgery, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka
  • 2004-2010: MBBS, Gandhi Medical College, Secunderabad, Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
  • 2019-Present: Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon, Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda
  • April 2018-2019: Visiting Faculty, Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Hyderabad
  • July 2018-2019: Senior Registrar, ESI Hospital, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad
  • Sep 2017: Consultant, The Ear & Sinus Clinic, Hyderabad
  • April 2017-2019: Visiting Consultant, Nova ENT Hospital
  • 2017: Senior Registrar, Department of ENT, King Koti District Hospital
Services offeredServices offered
  • Otology (Ear Diseases): Cochlear Implantation, Baha and Other Hearing Implants, Myringotomy and Grommet Insertions, Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Stapedotomy, Mastoidectomy and Cavity Obliteration, Tympanoplasty, Ossiculoplasty, Facial Nerve Decompression, Revision Ear Surgery, Lateral Skull Base Surgery, CSF Otorrhea Repair, Aural Atresioplasty, Vertigo and Balance, Intratympanic Injections for Tinnitus and Vertigo
  • Snoring and Sleep Surgery: DISE (Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy), Palatoplasty, Tongue Base Surgery, Glossoepiglotopexy
  • Rhinology (Diseases of Nose and Sinus): FESS, Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty, Fracture Nasal Bone Correction, Endoscopic Medial Maxillectomy, Endoscopic Nasal Mass/Tumour Excision, Septal Perforation Closure, Endoscopic CSF Leak Repair Surgery, Pituitary and Anterior Skull Base Surgery
  • Laryngology (Diseases of Voice): MLS-Micro Laryngeal Surgery, Phonosurgery, Medialisation Thyroplasty, Cordotomy, Vocal Cord Injections
  • Pediatric ENT: Coablation Adeno Tonsillectomy, Pediatric Airway Procedures, Choanal Atresia Repair
  • Head & Neck Surgery: Thyroid Surgery, Thyroglossal Cyst Surgery, Parotidectomy, Submandibular Gland Excision (Transoral Scarless), Head and Neck Onco Surgery
  • Sialendoscopy for Salivary Gland Disorders (Stones, Strictures, etc.)
Special Interest and ExpertiseSpecial Interest and Expertise
  • Auditory Implants-Cochlear Implants, BAHA
  • Primary and Revision Mastoidectomy with Cavity Obliteration
  • Primary and Revision Tympanoplasty
  • Stapedotomy
  • Endoscopic Ear Surgery
  • Ossiculoplasty
  • Facial Nerve Decompression and Rehabilitation
  • Surgery for Vertigo
  • Intratympanic Injections
  • Lateral Temporal Bone Resection
  • Subtotal Petrosectomy
Professional MembershipProfessional Membership
  • Cochlear Implant Group of India (CIGI)
  • Indian Society of Otology (ISO)
  • Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), Hyderabad Chapter
  • Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), Telangana Chapter
Research & PublicationsResearch & Publications
  • Inventions: Manipal Mobile Adapter for Smartphone Endoscopy-Patent Pending
  • Post Graduate Thesis-“Comparison of quality of life in advanced laryngeal cancer patients after total laryngectomy and postoperative radiotherapy vs concurrent chemoradiotherapy”
  • Temporal Bone Dissection Manual for Cochlear Implantation, Dr. A Satya Kiran, Dr. Manusrut [Book]
  • Textbook of Ear, Nose, Throat and Head & Neck Surgery, 3rd Edition, Hazarika, Nayak, Balakrishnan Contribution to Chapter on Chemotherapy. [Book]
  • Manipal Manual of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, 2nd Edition, Dr. Nayak-Proofreading of Textbook [Book]
  • National and International Indexed Publications:
    • Monalisa Sahu, Milap Shah, Venkateswara R. Mallela, Venkat Raman Kola, Hari Kishan Boorugu, Arshad A. R. Punjani, R. Vijay Kumar, Sairaj Kumar, Manusrut M, S. Ch. Raghu Kumar et al. COVID-19 associated multisystemic mucormycosis from India: a multicentric retrospective study on clinical profile, predisposing factors, cumulative mortality and factors affecting outcome. Infection, 1-10, 2022
    • Misale P, Lepcha A, Chandrasekharan R, Manusrut M. Labyrinthine Fistulae in Squamosal Type of Chronic Otitis Media: Therapeutic Outcome. Iran J Otorhinolaryngol. 2019;31(104):167-172.
    • Kalaiarasi R, Kiran AS, Vijayakumar C, Venkataramanan R, Manusrut M, Prabhu R. Anatomical Features of Intratemporal Course of Facial Nerve and its Variations. Cureus. 2018;10(8):e3085. Published 2018 Aug 2. doi:10.7759/cureus.3085
    • Ramaswamy B, Singh R, Manusrut M, Hazarika M, Sclerosing lipogranuloma of the eyelid: unusual complication following nasal packing in endoscopic sinus surgery. BMJ Case Rep. 2015 Mar 6;2015
Awards and AchievementsAwards and Achievements
  • Smt. Susheela Krishna Memorial Gold Medal for Consultant Paper Presentation, 8th AOITSCON, Miryalguda, 23-24 September 2023, for "AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Otology”
  • Smt. Susheela Krishna Memorial Gold Medal for Consultant Paper Presentation, 7th AOITSCON, Karimnagar, 16-18 September 2022, for "Cryotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis"
  • Late Sri Agri Venu Gold Medal for Best Video Presentation-Consultant Category, 7th AOITSCON, Karimnagar, 16-18 September 2022, for "Post Traumatic Laryngotracheal Separation - Treatment and Outcome"
  • Smt. Susheela Krishna Memorial Gold Medal for Consultant Paper Presentation, 6th TSCON, Warangal, 11-12 December 2021, for “Aural Atresiaplasty- Our Experience”
  • Silver Medal for Best Video Presentation-Consultant Category, 6th TSCON, Warangal, 11-12 December 2021 for "Minimally Invasive Voice Restoration Surgery"
  • Sri Late PL Bhooma Reddy Gold Medal for Best Paper in Junior Teaching Faculty Category, 5th TSCON, Nizamabad, 2019, for "Bone Cement Ossiculoplasty"
  • Gold Medal for Best Video Presentation in Junior Consultant Category, 4th TSCON, Siddipet, 2018 for "Aural Atresia Repair Surgical Video"
  • Smt. Susheela Krishna Memorial Gold Medal, Jr. Consultant Paper Presentation, 3rd TSCON, Mahbubnagar, 23-24 September, for “3D Printed Mobile Adapter for Smartphone ENT Endoscopy System”
  • Gold Medal for Video Presentation, 25th Silver Jubilee ISOCON, Calicut, 18-20 November 2016, for “Mastoid Obliteration Case Series-Eliminate the cavity and its problems”
  • Silver Medal for Video Presentation, 24th ISOCON, Visakhapatnam, 20-22 November 2015, for “Stage 4 Congenital Cholesteatoma Excision-A Surgical Challenge”
  • Winner of “The Thyroid Quiz,” Thyroid CME, AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, 21-22 December 2013
  • Dr. Kishore Chandra Prasad Gold Medal for Best Case Report, AOI Karnataka Conference 2013, Manipal 22-25 August 2013, for a case report on, “Sclerosing lipogranuloma of the eyelid secondary to a paraffin nasal pack”
  • Dr. M. C. Veluswamy Gold Medal for Quiz in Post Graduate Category at International ENSICON 2013, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, 19-21 July 2013

Frequently asked questions   FAQ'S

  1. 1. Why do patients frequently visit Dr. Manusrut?

    Patients visit Dr. Manusrut to receive treatment for various ENT diseases.

  2. 2. What is Dr. Manusrut's educational qualification?

    Dr. Manusrut holds the following qualifications: MS, DNB, Fellowship in Implant Otology (CMC, Vellore), Advanced Cochlear Implant Training (ICIT, USA).

  3. 3. What does Dr. Manusrut specialise in?

    Dr. Manusrut is a Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon who specialises in Auditory Implants, Primary and Revision Mastoidectomy with Cavity Obliteration, Primary and Revision Tympanoplasty, Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Ossiculoplasty, and Facial Nerve Decompression and Rehabilitation, among others.

  4. 4. Where does Dr. Manusrut practice?

    Dr. Manusrut practices at Yashoda Hospitals, Somajiguda.

  5. 5. How can I book Dr. Manusrut’s appointment?

    You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Manusrut for both an Online Video Consultation and an OPD Consultation by visiting his profile on Yashoda Hospitals.

  • Difference between Sinus congestion and head congestion
  • Diabetics are at high risk of Mucormycosis
  • Mucormycosis amid Covid-19

Sialendoscopy for Salivary Gland Diseases

వినికిడి సమస్యకు చికిత్స ఏంటి?

బ్లాక్ ఫంగస్ కు ఎక్కువ ఎవరు గురవుతున్నారు?

Blogs by Dr. Manusrut

Sialendoscopy for Salivary Gland Diseases - Yashoda Hospitals

Sialendoscopy for Salivary Gland Diseases: A Minimally Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedure

Apr 27, 2023 17:19

Salivary glands play an essential role in the body’s digestive system by secreting saliva into the mouth, which helps break down food and aids in swallowing.

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Mucormycosis: Black Fungus Disease Post Covid-19 Alert

May 27, 2021 15:30

An Increased surge of Mucormycosis disease also known as ‘Black Fungus’ has been found in patients with COVID-19. The disease starts from the nose and sinus, then quickly spreads to the eyes and the brain. On an average, 50 percent of patients may not even survive despite being provided with the best treatment possible, if the fungus spreads to the brain and then there is hardly any chance for the patient to survive.

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Testimonial for Dr. Manusrut

Madhuja Roy

Patient Location: Somajiguda

“My daughter had an issue with hearing. We consulted doctors in Siliguri and...

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