Frozen Shoulder
Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

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How is Frozen Shoulder diagnosed?

Frozen shoulders can be diagnosed by imaging tests such as:

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI

Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad is equipped with one of the best facilities and advanced technologies which helps us to detect and cure the problem easily and as early as possible. This makes us one of the top centers in India. We have also consulted and diagnosed patients with our online consultation services and treated patients around the world.

Frozen Shoulder: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

How is Frozen Shoulder prevented?

Frozen shoulder can be prevented if a patient starts with early treatment. Especially when one is suffering from diabetes or has suffered a trauma. If the frozen shoulder is not treated at the correct time then it can lead to permanent immobilization of the shoulder and keep worsening the pain over time.

What is the treatment for Frozen Shoulder?

We provide a variety of treatment options to our patients depending on their condition, family history, medical history, and the stage of their condition. Our experts usually suggest a combination of treatment facilities to give them the best results for their shoulder pain.

  • Medications: Use of painkillers to relieve the pain.
  • Physical therapy: To restore mobility, a combination of various range-of-motion exercises are suggested.
  • Corticosteroids: Injecting corticosteroids directly in the affected shoulder to decrease pain and improve mobility.
  • Joint distension: Sterile water is injected into the joints to help in stretching the tissue.
  • Shoulder manipulation: A surgical procedure in which the doctor moves the shoulder joint in different directions after administering a general anesthetic.
  • Surgery: It is done to remove scar tissue and adhesions from the shoulder joints. It is performed with a light, tubular instrument that is inserted through an incision on the shoulder joint.

Our team consists of orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, physical medicine experts, physiotherapists, and a bone specialist doctor with their dedicated support. We give a combination of treatments to our patients that makes us one of the top hospitals in India. Our team also continuously follows up with the patients post-surgery and treatment to make sure they are doing well and there are no complications.

We, at Yashoda Hospitals, have experience in treating all kinds of orthopedic conditions. We have some of the best consultants in India who have spent years treating patients with frozen shoulder disorders. We have treated patients with severe frozen shoulder complications and have restored their shoulder mobility giving them the desired results.

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