My experience as young doctor

Zaheer Ahmed Fazal

My experience in doctors camp was wonderfull …. I would like to thank my parents because of whom I was born and also thank this yashoda group of hospitals for giving me this opportunity  ….. and yeah  talking about what I felt it was great and in this four day camp it was wonderful experience  which can’t be described…. this camp has encouraged people to choose the best profession which is good for for them and yeah passion matters if one dont have that then I feel that it will be difficult to claim the best post existing in this world right now……and this camp has encouraged the students to gain that passion required …… 

What is soo wonderful  about this camp was to go in such areas where it was written that NO OUTSIDERS ALLOWED or RESTRICTED AREA it was wonderfull to witness such areas… and also to see the live operation with those suits….. it was amazing to see that and also the confidence on the faces of the doctors ….. 

Now for me the doctors are the celebrity  of this world because almost all the people existing in this world  remember’s a doctor for even a small thing …. it feels so great when a patient goes to the doctor in the hope that ok this genius is going to cure my disease  and it will feel more amazing when that hope is fulfilled by the doctors

It was an honour to talk to those celebrities  ….. to ask the most inappropriate question to them…. to go and explore around with them…. and many things more … That was great the were clearing our thousand of questions without being angry…. this shows the patients of the doctor…. I would also thank the mentors who were around with us in this journey….. 

Finally I will say thank you to my teacher because I was not going to write this essay …. I was going to miss everything,every enjoyment…. and certain thoughts in my minds would not be cleared ….. now the reason behind this is simple like many students are going to write this essay and only the lucky ones will be selected …..  and when I said this to my teacher who asked me about the essay expecting me to write the essay….. she got disappointed that a student has this negativity in their minds and asked me to write the essay no matter if u get selected or not ….. and yeah I have shown obedience to her and wrote and guess what happened I got selected and as doctor said out of 1000 essay only 140 were selected…. I was one among the  lucky one……

Ok soo I feel one more thing now …. that is I’m taking the precious time of u all so I will conclude by saying IF YOU WANT SOMETHING THEN U MUST BELIVE IN YOU …… and once again thank you to the yashoda camp for creating a passion in the young mind it was a wonderfull experience …….

Thank you everyone and I will miss this camp ….. Everything here is soo fascinating that every one will miss that ….. now I will be in future coming to this hospital not as a patient or young doctor …..


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