Young Doctor’s Camp at Yashoda Hospitals Reflection

Vamsi Krishna Mandava experience at the young doctors camp 2019Vamsi Krishna Mandava

The young doctor’s camp was a wonderful experience and a pleasure to be able to take part in. Being apart of this program allowed to me to fulfill everything that I had wished to gain out of this camp. There were 3 things that I had wished for before coming to attend this 3-day intensive camp…

The first was to be able to experience the life of a real doctor. We were taken around the entire hospital and were shown almost every part, we were able to interact with real doctors and get their feedback on their profession. All of them gave us valuable advice regarding 3 characteristics that are required to become a good doctor. The first being patience, they me that I had to be patient in order to be a good practitioner. Second, they said that I had to be able to work well with a team, because in the field of medicine you cannot do everything yourself. Third, they said that I needed to work hard and stay committed. The journey to become a doctor is long and hard, you have to put in the effort to succeed and this further pushed me to wanting to become a doctor myself.

The second thing that I had wanted to experience through this camp was to watch a live surgery. Getting to know what is really inside me fascinated me. The doctors at Yashoda Hospitals were so kind that they allowed us into the operation theatre to see them working on a stomach tumor. They practically showed us the entire digestive system in real life and it was amazing to see how everything worked in synchronization. As soon as I walked into the room I was filled with excitement, the doctors that were operating were so calm that they were able to have a 15 minute conversation with us while they were working. From my perspective, I learnt more in those 15 minutes than I would have in an entire semester at school. It just goes to show how knowledgable doctors are, and seeing them work together to save a life was absolutely amazing. It was this one moment that boosted my confidence so much that I now know that I have to become a doctor.

The third thing that I had wanted to do at this camp was to interact with real doctors. I got some of the most incredible feedback from their experience. One thing that I noticed throughout all of the doctors that I had talked to was that they were all extremely happy and humble. None of them cared about the money that they were earning, the respect that they receive. The one thing that all of them told me when I asked them, “What’s the best part about being a doctor?” They all replied saying that watching your patient go home healthy and smiling is something that money cannot buy. It is such a valuable emotion that keeps all doctors going and it is something that I would wish to experience myself…

Thank you so much Yashoda Hospitals for this wonderful opportunity!!

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