My experience at the young doctors camp

Vaishnavi Dashyam experience at the young doctors camp 2019Vaishnavi Dashyam
Chaitanya Vidyalaya

Words are never enough to explain something that you really like and the young doctors camp is one of those things I love. My passion to become a doctor has grown considerably stronger after attending this camp.

We visited various places in the hospital like the ICU, ICCU, blood bank, Cath lab, etc. but I am pretty sure any student’s favourite, just like me, was the Operation theatre. The feeling when we put on the scrubs and the masks to enter the OT is indescribable. Students from my batch got a chance of witnessing the buccal mucosa cancer surgery that spread to the throat. The cancer cells were clearly visible. It felt amazing to actually look on at the surgery. We even watched an orthopaedic(total knee replacement) surgery and we could clearly see the prosthetic. Watching the plastic surgery being performed on a little kid whose body was covered with burns made us feel really bad for the kid. We saw a laparoscopic hysterectomy and an empty operation theatre too. The introduction and the presentation on the closing ceremony were very helpful since the clarified the doubts of the students and gave a clear idea of what it takes to become a doctor. We were explained about the various branches of biology that every MBBS student requires to gain an understanding of and become an expert in. We were told of the various specialities and super-specialities that we could undertake and the time it takes. The demonstrations and presentations given by the doctors and nurses each day made the students enjoy our time there a lot. We were given demonstrations on how to give CPR, and check the vital signs of life. The quizzes and questions asked by the doctors and nurses kept us engrossed

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