This camp really made me understand what I am and what I need to become to be a successful doctor

Sulaim Sultan experience at the young doctors camp 2019Sulaim Sultan
MS creative school,Malakpet

It was an amazing experience cause we felt like medicos and we were not only limited to boundaries of theoritical knowledge of science but even practical, which is very much important for scoring in NEET , it had been a great work by both yashoda hospital management and our teachers for taking interest in this ideology novel approach changing idea and setting our mindset and making our mind clear for what actually our future goals are , and even the doctors were very much supportive and tried to inculcate this ideas of not just being a doctor but being a passionate,famous and special one with a special super speciality , we saw cardio and neuro blocks which is very helpful for us , so that we can bring laurels to both our school and our parents.

From this camp I have learnt that if I am coward then I can never achieve my goal of being a successful doctor I need to face many problems but this difficulties can’t stop me of dreaming myself as a doctor.Being a doctor is not such easy.I use to think that doctors means one who are in white coat and save people and If they can’t save people they say we are sorry.But my mind changed when I visited this camp I was all in tears when I saw the operation for the first time but then I realised I need to be daring so that I may save a life.People come with so much hope that Doctor’s are the one who can save their family members.A doctor is the one who is a superhero or wonderwoman for me.This camp really made me understand what I am and what I need to become to be a successful doctor

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