My experience at the young doctors camp

Shruthi Akula experience at the young doctors camp 2019Shruuthi Akula
Oasis School

Namaste! I’m Shruuthi Akula studying in Oasis school, Shaikpet. I was a participant at the young doctor’s camp initiated by YashodaHospital and to share my view; it was a great learning experience. The very first day we peeked into the operation theatres (OT’s) and many other wards where we met a few doctors who explained about their specializations. They encouraged and motivated us to pursue medicine and explained how it is to be a doctor. Next, we were taken to the cardiology department where we learnt how patients are admitted, diagnosed and treated for their disease. We also learnt how to use the x-ray machine. It was exciting and interesting. We were taught about the BLS (Basic Life Support) by Dr. Ahmed. That was the best thing about that day – learning how to save the life of a person, if they faint, by performing CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

Next day, we went to CT scan(Computed Tomography) and PET-CT scan (Positron Emission Tomography) department. The next visit was to the oncology department. The oncologists over there were so kind and humble and explained in detail about use of radiation in diagnosis. We could see diagnostic tools like the MRI and FNAC scans from a close range.They also clarified many of our doubts. Next on the list was the blood bank, where we have learnt about different departments working on diagnosing the blood like the haematology department, biochemistry and microbiology lab. We have also seen the separation techniques, urine test machines and storage of the blood. We took a break and then moved to the emergency department. We learnt how the patients are classified according to their severity and different doctors dealing with different patients. Ambulance which is an integral part of emergency department was explained to us- the various apparatus, drugs and other essentials present in the ambulance. We then watched a live surgery- the removal of gall bladder. We had a surgeon who was explaining the surgery. We jumped out of our skin watching it. The best part was that we could visit the restricted areas and different wards into which the entry of regular visitors is not allowed. It was an amazing day where I could witness so many things that makes the hospital what it is. It was a thorough learning day and I enjoyed it.

The final day was reserved for a session on nutrition and food beverages in the hospital and the importance of consuming nutritious food. I found it helpful to plan my diet and an informed choice of which food to eat. Later, we toured the neurology and mammography department. We saw the process of dialysis and saw first-hand as to how a dialysis machine works. The doctor explained about the machine and showed us a temporary dialysis process. Thanks to our mentors who make an extra effort to take us to some special areas even though it is not included in our schedule.

I would like to thank Dr. G.Rao and Yashoda Hospitals for giving me a unique opportunity to see and learn how a hospital works. I have learnt many things including time management. I also thank the chefs for giving us nutritious and delicious food. My heartfelt gratitude to my mentors and doctors who spent their valuable time to make us visit an exciting one. Thank you.

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