My experience as a Young Doctor at the Yashoda Hospital

Shreen Naaz Tappa experience at the young doctors camp 2019Shreen Naaz Tappa
Fiitzee world School , Ameerpet

Considering how fast time passes, one doesn’t get a chance to realize the allure of the profession they have chosen. If a person is leaning towards medicine, particularly becoming a doctor, it is a good idea to start prepare early. So, this was a golden chance that had come to me and I am fortunate to be a part of this camp at Yashoda Hospitals to gain knowledge and guidance.

Well, I would like to start off by saying that this experience has helped me a lot in choosing my career, the studies I have to do to get there and what a lot of hardwork it takes to achieve my goal.

When I first arrived at the Somajiguda Yashoda hospital, I was quite nervous about what to speak and what if this turned out to be a bad decision. But later I found myself getting well together with my teammates, my mentor and all the specialists who spoke to us.

Firstly, when we started, the faculty members gave us aprons, by wearing which came a feeling of pride. Then, after the segregation of all the students, there was a very helpful lecture on all of the subjects in MBBS. I think it was very thoughtful of the faculty to start off by the basics of medical studies. Afterwards, the instructors took us to the Cath Lab; where in the Chief Cardiologist showed us angiogram. It was very interesting to see the tiny blocked blood vessels and the stent passing through and saving the life of a patient by doing a commendable job. And after that we were showed to the SICU. This was alluring indeed. Then we visited the OT where they introduced us about all the OT equipments and procedures going on in the operation theatre.

 Then there was another constructive and delightful demonstration on how to do CPR. I was very happy and honoured to perform CPR, which was a life- saving measure. This gave me immense satisfaction and the realisation of how I will feel when I save a life. Here ended our inspiring first day.

On the second day, we visited the B- block, Oncology department. This is where they showed us the radiation therapy machines. It was quite fascinating. Later on that day we were taken to the C- block where we visited the Haematology, blood bank, and pathology departments. All the work these doctors do there was very intriguing. Then we had a marvellous video on removal of gall bladder surgery. It was one of the most fascinating and mind- blowing things I’ve ever seen. And here concluded our second day.

With new spirit and curiosity, we began our third day. The first thing we had was a very thought- provoking class on nutrition and diet for the different kinds of patients. Then we were taken to the Dialysis lab. All of this started to look very bizarre to us now. As the day passed we also visited the Neurolab. This was where the remarkable study of the human brain took place. Then we were showed to the Anaesthesia, Endoscopy and the Ultrasound departments. Not one was less pleasing than the other. Nevertheless, we were taken on a tour to the IP and the OP departments where this sensational journey consummated.

Of course I would say that this 3- day campaign was delightful. But I would also like to claim that this progress was very uplifting.

On the last day, at the valedictory function, I was at first scared by Dr. Lalitha’s words about the hardships and pitfalls in the medical carrier but slowly I comprehended by listening to the fascinating experiences and encouraging words of various speciality doctors, I started to believe that this was all worth it.

I, for one, am born to two of the most admirable doctors. My parents impressed upon me the virtues of hard work and commitment over personal gain and the desire to serve others that ultimately drove my decision to become a doctor. Yashoda hospitals paved the way to fulfil my desire to become a doctor.

As a famous and well- known proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. My first step with Yashoda hospitals was a delightful, enticing and promising which I will cherish for my whole life.

I am indebted and thankful to Yashoda hospitals from the bottom of my heart.

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