My experience as young doctor

P. Alekhya



Yashoda hospitals created a wonderful opportunity to young children to experience the consequences of being a doctor. And I am very proud to be a part of the camp. It takes a lot of pleasure to thank our mentors and everyone who took time for us in their hectic schedule to explain the life of a doctor.

Young doctors camp which is organised by Yashoda hospitals helped me to know my strengths and weakness of becoming a good doctor. I understood that becoming a doctor is not an easy task. It needs a lot of effort, hard work, and patience to be a good doctor. I understood the qualities of being a good and professional doctors.

 The doctors in Yashoda hospitals are really kind to patients. I really appreciate the team work in Yashoda hospital. I got to know that working in teams with understanding helps a lot in difficult situations. The hospital itself work in teams for fulfilling the needs of the patients.

We were taken to different places in the hospital like out patient department, diagnostic centre, blood bank, cancer institute, operation theatre, in patient ward, cath lab, ICU, emergency ward, kitchen, house keeping department, etc.. we were given lectures by doctors on various topics like CPR techniques, BP readings, stethoscope, career guidance etc..

The place that I liked the most was operation theatre as I was able to witness the live surgery which was going on. I appreciate each and every department for playing their roles in making hospital run successfully. I specially appreciate the house keeping department for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the hospital.   

Before joining this camp my assumption towards doctors life is totally different. I imagined that the profession will earn you too much and the life of a doctor will be very luxurious. But after joining this camp I realized that it is so much of dedication, hard work and patience is needed in order to become a successful doctor. I understood that ,the doctor must be careful and responsible while dealing with the patient. They must be very conscious while examining the patient as a little mistake can take the life of a patient.

My experience as a young doctor is really awesome. I felt really happy by wearing that white doctors apron before actually becoming a doctor. I liked the conversation with the professional doctors as they were ready to answer any queries without getting irritated. My mentors and my companions were very friendly.  I felt very comfortable with the people around me .

After visiting doctors and listening lectures given by doctors ,my passion towards becoming a doctor has increased. And I will give my best to become a good doctor in future. I know becoming a doctor is not a cake walk. I would like to include my hard work and dedication toward my work to become a successful doctor.

Like I quoted in the beginning [the best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others] in the same way , after I become a doctor I would like to find myself in the service of poor.

Young minds are being very much benefited through this camp. Yashoda hospitals should continue this camp every year so that young children will get to know their strengths and weakness of becoming a doctor and have an idea of doctors lifestyle. And through this camp we get encouraged to become and take up our profession as doctors.

Last but not least… from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank our mentors and everyone who spent their valuable time for us in teaching each concept clearly. Thank you Yashoda group of hospitals for providing such a great opportunity to young children.

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