My experience at the young doctors camp

Niyati Patro
Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad

A remarkable doctor is the one who serves and heals people and this is exactly what the three days at Young Doctors Camp at Yashoda Hospital taught me. 

My experience at the hospital as a student was mind boggling. The visit to different departments in the hospital was like seeing through the glasses of the doctors. It gave us a perspective of what doctors do throughout  a day. I was enthralled to see the various facilities in the hospital and their coordination. 

Visiting the Intensive Care Units made me realise that a doctor needs to be able to communicate and connect with the patient and their attendants(family members) in a manner that it is comforting  to them. In the Emergency Room and Diagnostics I could understand the urgency  of attention needed, and the amount of organization required to avoid these departments from being a chaos. I understood that it is necessary for a doctor to analyse any situation without panicking and providing required care. 

The advancement in the field of technology in medicine was clearly evident in the radiology and radiotherapy department, as well as the Cath Lab. We were in time to see a  minimally invasive procedures done to clear out the blockage in the aorta. 

The visit to Operation Theater was my personal favorite since this is where the plan is executed. I was amazed to witness the perfection the surgeons maintain during the procedures. After a delicious lunch we got a fun and energetic lecture on a very important concept: CPR(Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). It is bewildering to see that some simple steps can revive a human back to life. The first day was astonishing and set out the perfect start for the rest of the camp. We then had visits to many of the various departments and learnt things that we wouldn’t have gotten a chance to. The lectures given to us each day were very scholastic. They covered topics such as vital signs which was very fun since we could learn by doing some steps on ourselves. The lecture on organ transplants was very amusing. These interactive sessions were some of the  best moments in the camp.

 The highlight of the third day was the bonus talk with neurosurgeon Dr. Ananda Balasbramaniam. We were able to talk to him and gain many tips regarding career choosing. We were also able to ask him questions regarding his career as a neurosurgeon and other mysteries related to the brain. Words aren’t enough to explain how happy I feel. These three days, it felt like I put myself in the shoes of doctors. It gave  me a true feel of what it’s like to be a doctor as well as how to become one. It is not the glamour that attracted me to aspire this proffesion, it is the nobility and humility. I see my grandfather, a physician, helping people live a life with comfort and free of disease and I want to follow the same legacy due to my keen interest. This camp gave me as a student an insight of the reality of being a doctor, for which I feel privileged. All in all, what I learnt from this camp, is that along with the reputation and dignity of a doctor comes a long road of hardship, with an absolute requirement of patience. The path towards becoming a doctor is very challenging, but it is worth every bit of the hardwork.

I would like to thank management of Yashoda Hospital for providing  young students opportunity to explore and experience of being part of the doctor’s proffesion. I also want to share my gratitude to mentors, doctors, surgeons and support staff for giving us insight.

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