My experience at the young doctors camp

Juveriah Rasheed experience at the young doctors camp 2019Juveriah Rasheed Seereen
MS. Creative School, Malakpet

The novel initiative took by one of the most popular, well known  and sophisticated super specialty hospital of the city by name YASHODA group of hospitals is worth applauding  and highly appreciable to inculcate and motivate young minds which are going to be future doctors or are in the rail of choosing a career in medicine. The hospital authorities have done a great job , with a sole motto and single hearted intention  by providing a facility of working along with highly qualified doctors in a live hospital ambiance, we students have joined this camp with a lot of enthusiasm and passion to learn and understand medical profession with a sheer curiosity in the real pulse of hospital life, the organisers have inspired and created awareness and interest for those preparing for NEET and other medical entrance exams. During this 3 days camp we came across with various departments of a super specialty hospital viz. the Accident and Emergency unit , Trauma care centre, Outpatient block , Inpatient wards , Diagnostic facilities which includes Blood bank ,Laboratory services  , Catheterization Labs , Radiology and Imaging department (Computed axial tomography (CT)scan , Magnetic Resonance Imaging (M R I), 2 D Echo Cardiography , Electro Cardiography(ECG) , C arm machine , Interventional radiology, an invasive technique to treat narrowed arteries  ) in laboratory services we had been shown how to collect the blood samples of the patient and how to store and separate serum and plasma from the blood, Microbiology Heamatology,Serology Pathology,Biochemistry and its related Equipments and various Auto Analysers .In the Operation Theatre they have shown us live surgeries it was thrilling to watch as if the dreams come to reality , how to Anesthetize the patients , how to use the Laryngoscope to introduce Airway , how to enter operation theatre with all necessary aseptic precautionary measures by changing the sterlized gowns meant for operation theatres. In Casualty, Accidents  and trauma unit they have shown us  the  priorities. what are the measures to be taken to save a life ,we have been shown how to assess the patient based on their severity of injuries and priority to be given, critical care services which includes relieving of the pain who met with a serious accident or Trauma has been shown to us .We have been shown how to screen women for breast cancer through routine mammography . In Cardiology Department we have come across with ICCU and Cath lab and how to insert the pace makers , Cardiac Catheterization (Coronary Angiography) and find out the blocks in Arteries. In Neurology Department we have come across with NICU it has a relatively small number of patients which is monitored by extra care, specialist doctors and nurses .Good interaction with the mentors and satisfying answers and reasonable explanation of the questions and Queries asked. In short the list is very long we cannot cover in this short feed back as the limitations have curtailed me to cut it short ,I have broadly outlined what I have come across .It was an extraordinary feeling by having tasty and lip lickering lunch provided to us.last but not least this camp has enlightened me how the patient surrenders himself to the doctors and have a blind faith and trust on them ,if a minor sort of mismanagement or negligence occurs that claims a valuable human life, the whiteness of our aprons may fade away but the whiteness of faith lives longer in our memories and heart forever put by the doctors ,so in this regard yashoda organization has been an epiphany of colors  and   by this I have learnt a lot in an in depth analysis and sacrifices to be made after  joining the medical profession . so in the end I am really thankful to yashoda group of organization for providing a great opportunity, which is very advantageous for the future aspiring doctors like me , I look forward for many such camps from yashoda  group of hospitals in near future.

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