My experience as a young doctor was very knowledgeable and exciting

Deeksha Lakkaraju experience at the young doctors camp 2019Deeksha Lakkaraju
Johnson Grammar School (ICSE)

New faces greeted me as I stepped into the auditorium. It was reassuring to find every member selected was in the same age group as me. We were given a quick introduction about what will we be facing if we take the prestigious medical course. Then we were divided into groups. We were divided into 3 groups consisting of 16 members each. I belonged to the 2nd group. We were introduced to our mentors, and our mentor was Dr Vinod.

Then we were taken to the Operation Theater. We were told to change into scrubs, put masks on and tie our hair up. We almost felt like proud doctors.  It was the first time I ever was in an Operation Theater and I was literally freaking out. Questions filled my brain. Am I going to see blood? Am I going to see organs?

When all of us were gathered we were taken into the passage where they were multiple Operation Theaters. Doctors and nurses moving swiftly, the patient’s unconscious body, smell of disinfectants filled up my senses. They were two active surgeries going on, one on a young boy and the other on an adult woman. My friends and I went on to see the surgery on the boy while the rest were near the other surgery. The doctor we met was a friendly doctor who answered our every question. After completing the surgery we all met up and went back to the auditorium.

After lunch we were taught on how to perform CPR and even if we understood the importance of it, performing it on a mannequin was hilarious. As somebody was performing, there was accidental beheading!

The second day started with visiting different departments and ended with a very interesting orientation speech. As we were all walking with intent through the corridors wearing the all too serious expressions, there were times where we were stopped and asked if we completed our MBBS. Walking around the hospital that day made us realize the support system the other departments give to the doctors, and how a hospital needs to have full information sharing between the various departments.

The third day was here. The day started with a class from the head nurses. We were told the basic points from which pulse can be recorded; we were also told how to take temperature etc. The class ended with a quiz. Then we were taken to the ICU where we got to observe the patients. We were told how an angiogram works.

Then we were given a class on transplanting organs. The day ended with my friends and me having cup of coffee. The next day was the closing ceremony. Everyone from different branches gathered. We had different doctors gave us a realistic understand what we were up against if we take BiPC. They answered every question with patience. Then we were given our certificates.

We all exchanged our numbers with each other. This experience was once in a life time. It gave me confidence. It gave me a clearer picture about the way I want to go on. I am grateful for the Yashoda administration for giving me a chance to attend the Young Doctors Camp.

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