My experience at the young doctors camp

ayesha maseera experience at the young doctors camp 2019Ayesha Maseera
St. Ann’s High School, Pet Basheerabad

I just wanted to send out to you all a short note expressing my thanks to you all for the wonderful support, hard work and friendship I have received during this 4 days of camp , from all of you at all levels of the camp and grateful to our mentors including Mr. Jeevan, Ms. Sunaina, Ms. Divya and their kind guidance they has been providing to us during the three days I have sincerely enjoyed being a part of this Young doctor’s camp.

Yashoda hospitals are a super specialty hospital known for its best healthcare in India. It organizes 4 day young doctor’s camp every year to motivate young minds to take up the noble profession of a doctor. This year this program was held from 22nd to 25th May. I was fortunate enough to get selected in this camp at Yashoda young doctor’s camp.

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship as a young doctor this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this experience will help me a lot when needing references and taking the choice of my career.

My personal experience as a young doctor at Yashoda hospitals was rewarding in many ways.  The 4 days camp began on 22nd and everyone I met there were friendly and welcoming. I was impressed with the facility itself, it had many resources and offers many specialty care options. I had the fortunate opportunity to visit various departments at the Yashoda hospital under the supervision of our mentors.

I was both scared and excited on first day. I was curious about everything I could see, hear and smell. They first gave us an insight of the studies required to become a doctor. Later it started by visiting out various departments like radiology, intensive care units including CTICU, AICU and SICU. We were even taken into the operation theatres and we witnessed a live surgery and even we got to know about various equipment’s and processes involved in a surgery. All were very excited and curious to get into the OT. We even got the opportunity to get to know about the gynecology department deeply by a senior gynecologist Dr.Sujatha; we even observed how thankful her patient was to her for bringing a new life in this world. We even engaged with a neurosurgeon  who  described  his  valuable  experience  with  us.  We  got  a  chance  to  know the different types of an anesthesia used for a surgery. Later that afternoon, we were shown how to deal with a patient collapsing and how to give a basic life support CPR by emergency Dr. Ahamed. In fact we perform a medical procedure it on a body. Dr. Ahamed truly made us feel   like medical students and his desire to teach  made my experience  great.  He even taught us how to use a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer to measure BP.

The second day started with a visit to oncology (cancer) department. We were taken into the department of nuclear medicine, the PET CT scan and the procedure was  explained very well.  We observed various emergency equipments in an ambulance. We were even moved to  emergency room where we saw different critical patients admitted. The busy daily schedule kept the day exciting and filled with opportunities to learn about various  medical procedures.  We  were very thrilled to see that afternoon we were shown a demonstration of a laparoscopic surgery by a gastroenterologist. Dr.Partha.

The following day we were taken to the main department of the hospital the diagnostic centre where different samples of blood, urine were tested. We were even taken to  the  biopsy department where we saw the tissue testing under a microscope. We went through a blood bank, dialysis centre, and physiotherapy departments. We were taken to a quick ride to  in  patient  clinics and outpatient clinics. Last but not the least we were given a demonstration about the significance of nutrition in our life. Yashoda hospitals provide an excellent nutritional food under the supervision of specialized nutritionists and now is a NABH Nursing excellence certified hospital.

To fulfill my requirements of dream of being a doctor, I had applied for this camp as I believed a long journey starts with a small step. It was not only a great experience for improving my professional skills but also I learnt the meaning of life and the responsibility I had on my shoulders. I learnt a lot about the importance of sympathy, empathy and organization while addressing health and personal issues that a patient may have. Being a part of young doctor’s  camp at Yashoda hospitals gave me the privilege to meet many doctors, health professionals, administrative staff and members. Each patient had a unique story and I  loved being a part of  their health care experience. Through being with doctors I witnessed the impact  and importance  of taking the time to talk to patients, giving them the time they need in the hospital. It was refreshing to be with physicians that genuinely cared about the patients well being even if it   meant running behind the daily schedule I was touched by the fact that patients expressed that  they were extremely lucky with such great doctors. I will definitely remember my experience as I advance in my career of becoming a doctor, medical training and in my future practice as well   can only hope that someday my patients will respect and appreciate me as much as they  appreciate the doctors at Yashoda hospitals. Being a part of young doctor’s camp at Yashoda hospitals was definitely a highlight in my career of being a doctor.

I thank Yashoda Hospital’s management for given me such a brilliant and valuable opportunity    to experience what it is like to be a doctor they have shown me the world through the eyes of a Doctor. The doctors are the lifeline of Humanity I am proud to be a young doctor!!! I would like to thanks everyone for the kind  words  and support during the camp. This experience will help me move on to the new opportunities.

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