My experience at the young doctors camp

Advaith Sattur experience at the young doctors camp 2019Advaith Sattur
St.paul’s High School

Young Doctors Camp is a very much inspiring program conducted by the Yashoda Hospitals. This camp spreads awareness among young students regarding hospital functioning. Getting selected in such a camp feels like a dream come true. I was very much enthusiastic on the first day. Visiting various departments of the hospital gave me a very clear idea of its functioning. Entering into the Operation Theatre was a fascinating part of the camp. We had to change into scrubs and enter into the theatre. That was a really different experience. ICU, ICCU, Radiation centre, CATH Lab, Clinical Laboratory, Blood Bank were some of the interesting areas of the hospital. Most of us were interested in the clinical departments rather than non-clinical departments. But each and every department is important in the running of the hospital. I really appreciate the staff involved in kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance; general wards for their relentless efforts in making the patients’ stay comfortable. The management team of the hospital was very much friendly and patient enough in explaining different aspects of the hospital.

Medicine is a noble profession. I strongly feel joining this camp was the first step towards my journey in the field of medicine. Young Doctors Camp is not just a program. It’s a mission towards the cause of the society; inspiring young minds about getting into the medical field. I was very much elated to talk to the medical professionals at the hospital. The opinions and ideas of each and every doctor about medical field are different but in the end everybody had to say the same thing; “Hard work and Dedication play a major role in the life of a doctor”. Every profession has it’s own pros and cons. So does medicine. It is very much obvious that a doctor’s life is very much different and complicated when compared to any other profession. You will have to sacrifice many things for your education. You will have to forgo your qualitative family time quiet frequently. A doctor must and should be available at any given point of time. Patients should become their first priority. But the satisfaction a doctor receives when his/her patient is completely cured is just priceless.

This camp has made me feel much confident about my career. I could clearly get a gist of what exactly MBBS is and even about the further studies. Our mentors were very much patient and helpful during the camp and cleared all our doubts about the hospital. Different opportunities come and those are the ones which teach you something special. This camp has been one such for me. Getting an opportunity to become a part of young doctor camp and talk to the professionals by assisting them at such a young age would be a marvelous opportunity for any student aspiring to become a doctor in future. This camp gave me a fine chance to discover the hidden pleasure in serving like a doctor. The visit to the hospital also helped me understand about different kinds of patients and also their ideas which is an essential lesson in the field of medicine. We learnt that just theoretical part of medicine is just not enough. You should also understand the importance of the practical experience. During any critical situation it is the doctors who tend to stay stable and very alert.

Young Doctors Camp would always remain a memorable event of my life. Whatever improvements or advancements happen in medical field, doctors will always have their value in the society. I am very much thankful to the entire team of Yashoda Hospital to give us such a wonderful learning platform about the field of medicine.

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