Yashoda Heart Marathon 2021

(20th to 29th September)

Yashoda Virtual Heart Marathon is Back! Bigger and better than the previous year to celebrate this year’s World Heart Day. After last year’s success story, which saw participants from over 40 cities, with the youngest participant aged 10 years to the oldest aged 67 years, taking up the challenge, we had to come back with something even more exciting this time around.

And therefore, this year, we bring to you more activities, more challenges and more opportunities to test your mettle.

What is a Virtual Marathon?

Virtual Marathon, unlike a normal marathon, can be done at a location of your choosing, at a pace of your choosing, day or night, home or park, on the stairs or on your terrace.

Just select your milestone and start your chosen marathon while recording the activity with the GPS-enabled app.

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    Gifts and Rewards

    What Do you Get?

    • All Participants Finishing the Run get an e-Certificate
    • The first 100 from each category who complete the marathon win a Yashoda certified premium medal
    • Exciting prizes to be won based on a Lucky Draw for eligible participants

    Eligibility for Lucky Draw

    • Finish the Run
    • Post a picture of your activity on your social channels and tag #YashodaHeartMarathon
    • Post the e-Certificate on your social channels and tag #YashodaHeartMarathon

    Key Facts About CVD

    • CVD Deaths: 17.9 million people (2019)
      Heart Attack/ Stroke – 85%
    • Over three quarters of CVD deaths take place in low- and middle-income countries
    • Most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by addressing behavioural risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet and obesity, physical inactivity and harmful use of alcohol
    • When detected early, it can be managed with counselling and medicines


    Do I have to download the furo.fit app to participate in the challenge?

    Yes, you will need to download the furo.fit app from Android Play Store or Apple (iOS) App Store and login using the same email ID mentioned in the registration form.

    Do I have to register myself again on the furo.fit app?

    No. You just have to login into the app using the details shared by info@feetapart.com

    Please fill in the below details to complete your profile.Please do not use any other email ID except the one on the registration form for the challenge even if prompted.

      1. Height
      2. Weight
      3. Date of Birth
      4. Gender
      5. Goal (Lose or Gain Weight)
      6. Lifestyle (Sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, very active)
    When do I download the furo.fit app and register myself?

    You can download the app between 15th Sept to 29st Sept and fill in your details to complete your profile. The earlier you are onboard, the more time you get to complete the event.

    Users can register in the event once we have received the data.

    What if I already have an account with the furo.fit app?

    The app allows for only one profile per individual. For the Yashoda Heart Marathon, you will need to login on the furo.fit app using a different email ID. You can’t use the same email ID that is already registered on the app prior to the challenge. Hence, you were requested for an alternate email ID in the registration form.

    Who can I reach out to for help if I have any questions regarding the app

    Please send a mail to info@feetapart.com

    What can I use to track?

    Apps – Google Fit,Apple Health & Strava.

    If I do not have any wearables, can I still participate?

    Only registered participants will receive communication regarding the furo.fit App and the wearables the app syncs with. The app is required to keep track of steps walked each day (for the duration of the challenge). If you don’t have a wearable like a fit-band or a watch, you would have to strap your mobile on during your fitness regime to capture the required data. furo.fit app syncs perfectly well with Apple Health (iOS) and Google Fit (Android). You can also use furo.fit GPS.

    What is the duration & dates for the challenge?

    You can take part in the challenge anytime between 20th to 29th September, 2021.

    What are the dates for registering for the challenge & sending the fitness assessment scores?
    The registration dates can start from 14st September.
    When will the winners for the challenge be announced?

    The winners for all will be announced on 5th October, 2021.

    How do I register for the challenge?

    You have to click on the link below to register yourself for the challenge.

    Registration link- https://furo.fit/download

    What are the different challenges one can participate in?
    There are three challenges being conducted simultaneously – Walking, Running & Cycling
    Can I participate in all 3 challenges?
    Yes, you can.
    How will the scoring be done?

    The scoring will be done based on the km’s covered in each challenge across the total duration of the marathon.

    Where can I see my ranking?

    You will be able to see your ranking in the form of a daily leader board on the app inside the respective event.

    Will there be different rankings for men & women?

    The ranking & leader board will be common for men & women.

    What if I have registered using Townscript?

    Please open the furo.fit app and tap the event. Once inside click on ALREADY REGISTERED SOMEWHERE ELSE? And enter the email and verify.

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