Mucormycosis(Black Fungus) Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the diagnosis and treatment for mucormycosis?

We do a CT Scan of the part of the body to understand if the part is eroded due to the fungus and through endoscopy, test the sample in the microbiology lab. If the tests are positive for the fungus, we have to do surgery on that body part and aggressively remove the fungus completely. Along with the surgery, an anti-fungal injection — Injection of Amphotericin B — is used to ensure it doesn’t grow again.

There are two forms of injections available in the market. The first, which has been used for at least 50 years is Deoxycholate. However, this injection is ‘nephro toxic’, which means it can severely affect the kidney of the patient. The second injection which is less nephrotoxic is Liposomal, but it is very costly and a single day’s therapy of this injection cost between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. Other second-line drugs are Injection Isuvaconazole and Injection Posaconazole — both are very expensive medicines.

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