Patient Testimonial for Foreign Body Removal in Kid

Testimonial by Mr. Rahul Kondba Hathekars

Treatment for: Foreign Body Removal in Kid
Treated by: Dr. Hari Kishan Gonuguntla
Patient location: Nanded, Maharashtra

One of the possible reasons for persistent obstructive pneumonia is an endobronchial foreign substance. Non-specific symptoms and signs include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and hemoptysis. The first step in a typical workup for a suspected aspiration of a foreign body is a chest X-ray.

Bronchoscopy is frequently used to remove the problematic particle as part of the conclusive diagnosis and treatment of a foreign body. The bronchoscope is first inserted into the patient’s mouth or nose while they are unconscious.The bronchoscope features a light and a tiny camera at its tip that produces images on a monitor to help the physician navigate the airways to the location of the foreign body. A forgatory balloon catheter or flexible forceps are used to remove the foreign substance. To determine whether there are any other foreign objects that require removal, an extensive airway survey is performed.

After the bronchoscopy, the patient will be monitored for several hours. She cannot eat or drink anything till the numbness subsides. Medicines are given to the patient to treat pneumonia and ease pain. Within a week, the child returns to normalcy. Mr. Rahul Kondba Hathekar’s daughter from Nanded, Maharashtra, underwent a Foreign Body Removal Procedure, under the supervision of Dr. Hari Kishan Gonuguntla, Consultant Interventional Pulmonologist, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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