Patient Testimonial for Severe Dengue Fever Treatment

Testimonial by Mr. Prithivi Rao

Treatment for: Severe Dengue Fever Treatment
Treated by: Dr. M.V Rao and Dr. Nagarjuna Maturu
Speciality: ,
Patient location: Karimnagar

“At one point of time my lungs were not responding to the ventilator, I am slight obese and was infected with the Dengue Virus. Due to which I suffered from high degree fever, chills and rashes all over my body and also experienced rapid increase in my heart rate, low blood pressure with lower oxygen levels. Although I felt my recovery was difficult, my deepest gratitude to Dr. Pavan Gorukanti, Director, Yashoda Hospitals, M.V Rao and Dr. Nagarjuna Maturu for helping me recover in the best possible way.” – Mr. Prithivi.

Watch the video to hear Mr. Prithivi share his experience at Yashoda Hospitals.

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