Patient Testimonial for Tracheal Stenting

Testimonial by Mr. Jaganath Taga

Treatment for: Complete Tracheal Stenosis
Treated by: Dr. V Nagarjuna Maturu
Patient location: Karnataka

Tracheal stenosis is a condition in which the trachea (windpipe) becomes narrowed. This can make it difficult to breathe and can cause a variety of symptoms, such as wheezing, shortness of breath, and a high-pitched whistling sound when breathing.

Tracheal stenting is a treatment option for complete tracheal stenosis. A tracheal stent is a small, metal or plastic tube that is placed inside the trachea to help keep it open. The stent is inserted through the mouth or nose and is positioned within the narrowed segment of the trachea. It is then expanded using a small balloon to hold the airway open and allow normal breathing.

Recovery after tracheal stenosis treatment can be prolonged, requiring a hospital stay and rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility. It is important for patients to follow medical instructions for proper and smooth recovery and attend follow-up appointments for progress monitoring.

Mr. Jaganath Taga from Karnataka, underwent Tracheal Stenting for Complete Tracheal Stenosis, under the supervision of Dr. V Nagarjuna Maturu, Senior Consultant, Clinical and Interventional Pulmonology, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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