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      Yashoda Pain Management Clinic


      Every Day 3 pm to 5 pm
      Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad


      The Multidisciplinary Pain Management Clinic is committed to excellence in clinical care through a collaborative approach to patients suffering from chronic pain. We strive to provide the best possible outcomes by blending advanced medical knowledge and modern treatment options with individualized care, offering both in a compassionate environment.

      Who is it for?

      The clinic is meant to provide relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. The scope of our clinic extends to: 

      • Chronic back pain
      • Chronic neck pain
      • Chronic shoulder pain
      • Sciatica
      • Foot pain
      • Coccygodynia (Tailbone pain)
      • Myofascial pain
      • Complex neuropathic pain and neuralgias 
      • Persistent pain after surgery

      When to see a doctor for pain?

      Hot pack or ice pack, over the counter (OTC) pain killers can treat acute, mild pain, that is when self-care helps. However, when the pain is on-and-off or long-lasting, it may be from a deeper cause and you need a thorough evaluation before treatment. Especially when it is unexplained, accompanied by loss of sensation, weakness or falls, you should definitely see your doctor. Getting treated by a pain specialist can help alleviate suffering and allow you to function at full potential independently, so you have a better quality of life.

      How does pain management clinic help?

      Pain management clinic is a facility equipped with diagnostic and therapeutic facilities to manage chronic pain. Chronic pain originating from the neck and the back, certain muscle groups, nerves, and joints are addressed by an interdisciplinary team of pain medicine specialists, physical therapists, psychologists, occupational and vocal therapists, nurses, counselors, and dieticians.

      What to expect from the clinic?

      The pain management clinic offers the following facilities:

      • Multidisciplinary clinic with consultation by a pain specialist, a neurologist, a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, a physiotherapist, and a pain psychologist.
      • An integrative model of patient-centered and patient-led care including procedural therapy, psychological therapy, rehabilitation therapy
      • Comprehensive service, including detailed consultation, examination, medication review, and formulation of an individualized management plan.
      • State of the art equipment, including radiofrequency, cryotherapy, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy.

      The clinic will be open from 3-5 pm every day. 

      What is pain management?

      Pain management helps patients to deal with pain caused due to varying reasons, thereby, providing them with relief. Often, chronic pain such as lower back pain, neuropathic pain, postoperative pain, etc. or that caused by sports-related injuries may severely impact the patient’s quality of life. However, the risks of surgery may outweigh the benefits. In such cases, non-surgical pain management helps to reduce pain, stress, and anxiety that the patient undergoes on a daily basis and provides them with relief. 

      A multidisciplinary approach to pain management can completely or partially improve the symptoms of the patient and provide long-term relief. 

      Which is the best pain management clinic in Hyderabad?

      The pain management clinic at Yashoda Hospitals provides daycare & OP based pain treatment/interventions. We offer a wide range of interventional treatments for various painful conditions performed under ultrasound guidance, fluoroscopy or CT guidance. Some of the facilities we provide are:

      • Radiofrequency procedures
      • Cryotherapy
      • Physiotherapy
      • Nerve blocks
      • Endoscopic disc procedures


      Yashoda Hospitals’ Pain Management Clinic comprises of leading pain management specialists, who are accompanied by a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiotherapists, pain nurses, physicians, anesthetists, and pain psychologists. Pain is addressed non-surgically as far as possible.

      They understand the multidimensional nature of pain and address it from the roots, thus helping the patient to understand and accept the pain. Collaboratively, they help to reduce the patient’s dependency on long-term medication and other dependencies, thereby improving his/her quality of life. 


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