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December 2017
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December 2016
Title Publication Language Details
High Blood Pressure can be harmful to the Heart Namasthe Telangana Telugu View
Diabetes Affects the Heart Andhra Jyothi Telugu View
A Life Giving Procedure for a Damaged Heart Namasthe Telangana Telugu View
Vascular Surgery is the Solution to Threatening Boils Namasthe Telangana Telugu View
Complications Due to Ulcers in a Diabetic, Nothing to Worry About Sakshi Telugu View
Kidney Transplant for a New Lease of Life Sakshi Telugu View
Don’t Neglect Chest Pain: When in Doubt, Have it Looked at Namasthe Telangana Telugu View
Ignoring Pancreatitis Symptoms May Damage the Kidneys Sakshi Telugu View
Surgery and Chances of Cancer Reappearing Deccan Chronicle English View
Stroke can be prevented by following some guidelines Namasthe Telangana Telugu View
Understanding the Difference Between Chest Pain and Gas Sakshi Telugu View
YCF supports orphans, performs wedding ceremonies Visalandhra Telugu View
Creating opportunities for orphans The Hans India English View
Yashoda Hospitals places 2000 orphans in jobs and performs three orphans’ weddings SwatantraVaartha Hindi View
YCF successfully helps place 2000 orphans in jobs Siasat Urdu View
YCF supports orphans – Performs three wedding ceremonies and successfully places 2000 orphans in jobs Prajashakti Telugu View
Yashoda Charitable Foundation performed three orphans’ wedding Munsif Urdu View
Yashoda Charitable Foundation supports orphans Hindi Milap Hindi View
Yashoda Foundation performed weddings of three orphans and celebrates the successful job placements of 2000 more Times of India Telugu View
Yashoda Hospitals celebrates the job placements of 2000 orphans and performed wedding ceremonies of another three Surya Telugu View
Yashoda Hospitals doctors perform wedding ceremonies at Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad Sakshi Telugu View
Yashoda Hospitals help over 2,000 orphans get employment Indian Express English View
MP Pocharam Srinivas Reddy and Mayor Bonthu Rammohan at orphans’ weddings Nava Telangana Telugu View
Wedding ceremonies of three orphans at Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad on Sunday Mana Telangana Telugu View
Doctors become parents to orphans to perform wedding ceremonies at Yashoda Hospitals Eenadu Telugu View
Weddings of orphans at Yashoda Hospitals, Secunderabad Andhra Prabha Telugu View
Orphan girl’s weddings performed by Yashoda Charitable Foundation Andhra Jyothi Telugu View
Yashoda Foundation performs wedding ceremonies of orphans girls Andhra Bhoomi Telugu View
3 Orphan girl marriages at Yashoda Hospital Secunderabad Namasthe Telangana Telugu View
Yashoda Foundation performed 3 orphan girl marriages & celebrates the mark of placing 2000 orphans Deccan Chronicle English View
November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
Title Publication Language Details
Organ Donation Day: Promoting Cadavers Deccan Chronicle English View
That heart saved my life Adhra Jyothi Telugu View
24 Year old Aruna gets a new life through a heart transplantation The Hindu English View
I’m your cell Sakshi Telugu View
July 2014
Title Publication Language Details
DBS for prevention of Parkinson’s Namasthe Telangana Telugu View