Orthopedic  Consultation
Orthopedic  Consultation

Orthopedic Consultation


21st February, 2020

Registrations Closed.


Knees, shoulders, low back pain or any other joint pain can be very troublesome. Stop suffering, consult our specialists, now  Yashoda Hospitals extends an Orthopaedic Consultation exclusively to associates “ FREE ORTHO CONSULTATION Exclusively for Infosys Associates “.

Consultation by:

Dr. Sri Harsha
Consultant Orthopaedic

Date & Time:

21st February, 2020
3.30 pm – 5.00 pm


Infosys – Gachibowli

Joint pains can keep you from leading a full and happy life. They can be due to medical conditions, medication, injury and even ergonomic factors. Whatever the cause, they can be managed by medication, physiotherapy, alternative treatments and in serious cases, surgery. Diagnosing and treating the underlying conditions on time is important to ensure the full preservation of joint functions.

Note: Upto 30 registrations are accepted.

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