Healing the Healer

Dr. Satyendra Mishra is a young Covid warrior, a Pulmonologist himself, and probably seeing and treating the highest number of covid cases in Madhya Pradesh. He unfortunately got afflicted in the line of duty, his symptoms rapidly progressed requiring non invasive ventilation and progressed to mechanical ventilation.

Due to his yeoman service , and selfless service, a lot of his friends, family, patients, and the Madhya Pradesh government felt that they needed to offer the best possible care and hence consulted Yashoda Hospitals for their world-class services and airlifted the doctor to Hyderabad.

It is increasingly clear now that a significant proportion of COVID-ARDS patients remain ECMO dependent after 4-6 weeks and need lung transplantation and our centre is one of the few hospitals worldwide that have pioneered Lung Transplantation for COVID-19.

On initial reassessment, he had extensive damage to his lungs due to COVID-19 and remained dependent on the ventilator with high oxygen requirements and at a critical phase of his illness. The first step we offered was prone ventilation and guideline-based latest in medical care and medication, he had a good response to this treatment and we successfully removed him from the ventilator by the end of the first week of treatment. Notably, he did not have any superadded infection or need for higher-end antibiotics during this treatment, attesting to our excellent intensive care and nursing practices at our Unit at Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad.

He improved quickly, and is off oxygen with additional Pulmonary rehabilitation, making a quick recovery and could be successfully discharged.

We thank him, his family and the state government of Madhya Pradesh for reposing their faith in the holistic & encompassing health care delivered at our Hospital. We are glad that we helped our young colleague get back on his feet and that this was achieved without the need for ECMO or Lung transplantation.

He is eager to help others once again during this period of grave peril faced by India during this critical phase. We salute him for his utmost dedication and feel extremely gratified that we could help “heal this brave healer”.

Statement issued by Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad management.