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Liver Transplant Cost in Hyderabad

We have one of the best team of liver transplant doctors and best liver transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, who are highly specialized in treating orthotopic transplant, living donor transplant and split type of liver transplant.
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What is liver transplant surgery?

liver transplant surgery cost

Liver transplantation is a complex surgery that is opted for when a person has a damaged liver or develops a liver failure. A healthy liver can be taken and transplanted from both live and deceased donors.

There are four different types of surgeries that can be performed. The age of the patient, the donor (whether living or dead), and the condition of the liver determine which type of surgery is recommended by the doctor. The types are:

  • Orthotopic transplantation: This is the most common procedure followed. The liver is taken from a healthy donor and transplanted into the patient. The liver has to be transferred to the recipient within 12-18 hours after its removal
  • Living donor transplantation: A portion of the living donor’s kidney is removed and transferred to the recipient. The donor’s liver grows back to normal size within 2-3weeks. He/she can be a relative of the patient or a person authorised by a regulatory committee to donate the liver.
  • Reduced-size/split-type liver transplantation: If a portion of the original liver is healthy, then this procedure can be chosen. The surgeon may take a portion of the liver from a healthy donor and transplant it. In case of a deceased donor, the liver can be split up into two and transferred to two recipients, generally an adult and child.
  • Heterotopic/Auxiliary liver transplantation: If the doctor suspects that the recipient’s liver might recover, he/she can remove it partly and attach a portion of the healthy liver to it. If the liver recovers, the donated liver will shrivel away. If not, the donated liver will take over the functional role.

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What is the cost of liver transplant in India?

India has skilled hepatologists who provide treatment at par with world standards. Increasingly, people are turning to India for expert care at a lower cost. The cost of liver transplant in India will be 10,00,000-32,00,000 INR. The final price varies due to the pre- and post-operative care of the patient, which may include diagnostic tests and medical care over an extended time.

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liver transplant surgery cost

What is liver transplant cost in Hyderabad?

In the private sector, liver transplant cost in Hyderabad varies due to the facilities availed at the hospital, the duration of stay, and other services provided before or after the surgery. The average cost of the surgery will be 22,00,000 – 30,00,000 INR. Several patients have been able to live a healthy life again after liver transplant in Hyderabad. Transplant surgery has been given a boost due to Jeevandan programme in the state.

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What Is liver transplant cost in Yashoda Hospitals?

Yashoda Hospitals is a leading liver transplant hospital in India. It offers skilled expertise at a competitive price. The price for the surgery will be on par with the liver transplant price in India. This will range from 20,00,000 – 24,00,000 INR. The cost of the entire treatment is based on the surgery, pre- and post-operative care, medication, type of room, etc. 

Yashoda Hospitals is the regional pioneer in liver transplant surgery. Our liver transplant surgeons team has performed close to 3000 surgeries till date and are capable of handling a variety of cases expertly. We offer treatment with advanced technology that complements the skills of our multi-disciplinary team of surgeons. Comprehensive care is provided to the patient to ensure complete recovery with the best functional outcome.

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