Best Physiotherapist in India

As time progresses, Indians are getting more aware of the health benefits of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of immobility-ridden individuals. 

Physiotherapy is an allied healthcare branch that diagnoses, treats, and restores body functions lost or affected due to an illness or injury. After certain traumatic events, many patients suffer from consequent impairments in associated mobility and functionality. In such a scenario, physiotherapy works as a boon to restore the best health in trauma-ridden patients. This branch of the healthcare system serves a broad spectrum of conditions for neurological, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and respiratory treatments, even where the scope of functional restoration is lost. 

These days, the medical and therapeutic field is working hand in hand with physiotherapists to serve the patients the best possible comprehensive recovery with a holistic approach. As awareness about the role of physiotherapy increases, various healthcare organizations claim to deliver the best physiotherapy results in India. However, they often fail to deliver it due to the lack of facility, equipment, and experienced specialists. Consequently, patients may fall prey to quacks and end up compromising their hopes of getting treated successfully.

Yashoda Hospitals houses a highly qualified team of physiotherapists with multiple years of experience and unmatchable expertise. All psychotherapies are performed here under the latest, super-specialized, technologically advanced facilities. The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is serving the need-based therapies to deliver optimum health and functional abilities after any physically devastating illness or injury. Physiotherapists in this hospital work round the clock to ensure the best possible patient care in this aspect.


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      Top Physiotherapist Doctors in India


      Who is the Best Physiotherapist in India?

      Undoubtedly, there is always teamwork behind successful physiotherapy. As Yashoda Hospital is running on the mission to deliver the best and most affordable healthcare services, it has strengthened its physiotherapy team with experienced physiotherapists and advanced supporting facilities.

      Which is the best for Physiotherapy hospitals in India?

      Yashoda Hospitals owns an outstanding physiotherapy unit furnished with the latest and technically advanced equipment. Delivering uncompromised services from top-rated world-class physiotherapists, the hospital is among the best for physiotherapy in India.

      In what conditions can Physiotherapy be applied?

      Conditions in which physiotherapy can serve for the best recovery:

      • Chronic airway disorders like asthma, COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, etc.
      • Neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury.
      • Bone and joint deformity either from an illness or trauma.
      • Muscular disorders like muscular dystrophy.
      • Old age conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, and post hip and joint replacement issues.
      What procedures do Physiotherapists do?

      Physiotherapists perform various procedures. These include: 

      • Manual therapies like soft tissue massage and range-of-motion exercises
      • Customized bracing, prosthetics, splinting, and orthotics for mobility and function improvement
      • Physical activity programs for improving flexibility and de-stressing of joints/muscles
      • Procedures like TENS, Ultrasound and Interferential Current Therapy, and Electrical Stimulation for promoting soft tissue healing and pain relief
      • Electrical Stimulation for muscle imbalances or atrophy
      • Muscle stretching & strengthening exercises
      • Postural Correction
      • Patient education
      Why are Yashoda Hospitals in India the best Physiotherapy hospitals in India?

      Yashoda Hospitals houses a team of highly experienced and well-qualified physiotherapists. The hospital also provides advanced facilities with the latest technology to ensure a high success rate at an affordable cost. These factors make it the best physiotherapy hospital in India.

      Is a physiotherapist a doctor?

      Although physiotherapists help treat various disorders, they are not considered doctors. This is because physiotherapists provide only rehabilitative services to patients. These services are meant to assist the other ongoing treatments of the patient and improve their chance of success.

      Who is a physiotherapist?

      Physiotherapists are allied healthcare experts who provide manual therapies or physical activity programs to help patients recover from 

      • Various chronic diseases
      • Childhood, innate, or old age dysfunctionality
      • Traumatic injuries 
      • Bone, muscle, or joint disorders
      Do physiotherapists use stethoscopes?

      Yes. A physiotherapist uses a stethoscope to check auscultations, record blood pressure, breath sounds, and other primary purposes. The stethoscope is essential for a cardio-pulmonary physiotherapist to monitor various health attributes.

      Is physiotherapy equal to MBBS?

      No. A physiotherapist does not require an MBBS. While MBBS is required for becoming a doctor or an allopathic healthcare provider, a physiotherapist requires the minimum degree of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT).

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