Best Bariatric Surgeon in India

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that reduces weight by lowering hunger and causing satiety quickly. This is achieved by altering stomach and intestine size, which causes hormonal disturbances. A variety of procedures are available under bariatric surgery. This procedure is advised for patients with BMI over 40 kg/m² and who have severe metabolic disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and liver/kidney failure. 

Bariatric surgery lowers the risk of mortality due to obesity by up to 59%. It also improves the quality of life in people with severe disabilities due to their weight.

The center for bariatric surgery at Yashoda Hospitals has a highly experienced team of bariatric surgeons, endocrinologists, dieticians, nutritionists, physical trainers, and lifestyle counselors. These surgeons also team up with pulmonologists, cardiologists, and anesthetists during the surgery. The team provides personalized care for every patient and helps them lose weight healthily.


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      Top Bariatric Surgery Doctors in India

      Surgical Gastroenterology, Minimal access GI Surgeon

      Dr. Kona Lakshmi Kumari

      25 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Minimal Access GI Surgeon, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeon

      3 awards
      • Minimal Access Bariatric Surgery
      • Minimal Access Surgery
      • Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs (Inguinal, Incisional, Ventral Hernias & Redo Hernias)
      • Laparoscopic Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeries
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

      surgical gastroenterologist in hyderabad

      Dr. M. Manisegaran

      MS, MCh, DNB, MNAMS, FRCS (ED), FRS (Italy)
      30 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Surgical Gastroenterologist-Minimal Access Surgery, Bariatric, Metabolic & Robotic Surgery

      3 awards
      • Gastrointestinal Surgery
      • Bariatrics
      • GI Oncology
      • GI Trauma
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

      best Surgical Gastroenterologist in hyderabad

      Dr. Pavan Kumar M N

      MS, MCh
      24 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Surgical Gastroenterologist
      Minimal Access and HPB Surgery

      • Laparoscopic Surgery
      • Single Port Surgery
      • GI Oncology
      • Minimal Access Coloproctology
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

      Best General Surgeon in Hyderabad

      Dr. Venu Madhav Desagani

      16 Years Of ExperienceHonorary/Part Time Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon

      1 awards
      • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries
      • Bariatric Surgeries
      • Complicated Open General Surgeries
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 03:00 PM

      best Surgical Gastroenterologist

      Dr. D. S. Sai Babu

      MS, FSGE (NIMS), FMAS, FBMS, Dip. MAS (Minimal Access Surgery), FACS (USA)
      24 Years Of ExperienceSenior Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Surgeon, Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon

      3 awards
      • Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgeries
      • Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeries
      • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries
      • Gallbladder, Hernia & Laser Colorectal Surgery
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

      best General Surgeon Doctor

      Dr. Tokala Surender Reddy

      23 Years Of ExperienceConsultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon

      1 awards
      • Robotic General Surgery
      • Minimal Invasive Surgery, Laparoscopy
      • Expertise in Mini-lap Surgery and Robotic Surgery
      Available on Request
      MON - SAT

      10am - 5pm

      Friday (Not Available)


      Which is the best bariatric surgery hospital in India?

      The center for bariatric surgery at Yashoda Hospital is the best hospital for bariatric surgery in India.

      What conditions do bariatric surgeons treat in India?

      Bariatric surgeries reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening conditions related to being overweight. For example, heart diseases, stroke, liver disease (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea.

      What procedures and surgeries do bariatric surgeons do?

      The most common types of bariatric/metabolic surgeries are

      • Sleeve gastrectomy
      • The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
      • The biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS)
      Why are Yashoda Hospitals in India the best bariatric surgery hospitals in India?

      Yashoda Hospitals in India have a leading bariatric surgery team that works with multifaceted disciplines. It includes other doctors like endocrinologists and a team of professionals. They provide a holistic weight loss program after assessing the patient’s condition.

      What does a bariatric surgeon do?

      A Bariatric surgeon performs surgery that helps people lose weight. The surgery reduces the size of the stomach, so people feel full after eating a small portion. This procedure helps in treating obesity and other associated life-threatening diseases.

      Can a bariatric surgeon do a tummy tuck?

      The tummy tuck is a procedure that removes excess fat and tightens the loose skin from the abdominal area. Usually, plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons perform tummy tucks. Surgeons specializing in bariatric surgeries do not do a tummy tuck.

      What comes under bariatric surgery?
      1. Restrictive procedures
        • BPD/DS
        • Jejunoileal bypass
        • Endoluminal sleeve
      2. Blocking procedures
        • Vertical banded gastroplasty
        • Sleeve gastrectomy
        • Adjustable gastric band
        • Intragastric balloon
      3. Mixed procedures
        • Gastric bypass
        • Sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch
        • Implantable gastric stimulation.
      What is bariatric surgery?

      Bariatric surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and intestines, which lowers the quantity of food that one can eat. It also lowers the absorption of food. This results in weight loss.

      Is bariatric surgery good?

      Bariatric surgery can lower weight and other metabolic diseases. However, it also has many side effects like clotting, bleeding, organ damage, seizures, vitamin deficiencies, and hormonal imbalance. An experienced surgeon will only advise this procedure if it is necessary.

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