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ERCP Cost in Hyderabad

We have one of the best team of gastroenterology doctors and best gastroenterology specialist in Hyderabad, who are highly specialized in ERCP for gastro diagnosis
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What is ERCP?

ERCP cost in hyderabad, india

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is used to view the tubes (ducts) that drain the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. It provides information that other imaging tests like x-rays or MRI scan cannot. A flexible endoscope, which is a tube with light or camera, is inserted through the mouth and passed down the patient’s throat to view the targeted areas.

Some of the  procedures it can be used for are:

  • Diagnosis: It can be used as a diagnostic procedure to examine the pancreatic duct and bile ducts. It may also be used to take a sample of cells to check for cancer cells.
  • Stone removal: It can be used to remove stones in the gallbladder. Stones in pancreatic duct can also be removed through the procedure
  • Stent Placement: Stents can be placed through ERCP to widen a blocked or narrowed duct. Post-ERCP pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas can also be avoided by placing a stent in the pancreatic duct.
  • Drain fluid: Pancreatic or peripancreatic fluid collection can be drained through ERCP. Different techniques are used based on the patient’s condition.

A variety of drugs are given to the patient, either intravenously or orally, to kill cancerous cells.

Radiation therapy:

Beams of ionizing radiation are focused on the tumor(s) to kill cancerous cells.

Targeted treatment:

This treatment also uses drugs to treat cancer. It differs from chemotherapy since the drugs target only the cancer cell’s: their specific genes and proteins. Thus, the side effects on healthy cells can be avoided.

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What is ERCP cost in India?

ERCP is used more frequently for treatment than as a diagnostic procedure. Thus, procedures like stone removal, sphincterotomy, etc. are more common. ERCP cost in India can be between 15,000 to 35,000 INR. The cost will vary depending on the condition treated and the health condition of the patient. ERCP procedure cost in India will also include variable costs such as the type of medicine. It is a daycare procedure, and the patient is discharged a few hours later.

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ERCP cost in hyderabad, india

What is ERCP cost in Hyderabad?

Private hospitals in Hyderabad offer ERCP as a treatment option for those with problems in the bile ducts or pancreatic ducts. ERCP cost in Hyderabad is comparable to the rate across India. The cost is between 15,000 to 50,000 INR. Since it is a daycare procedure, ERCP test cost in Hyderabad will not be affected by the duration of hospital stay. It may include the cost of other services provided by the hospital such as the medicines.

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What is ERCP cost in Yashoda Hospitals?

Yashoda Hospitals is equipped with advanced technology to effectively perform ERCP procedures. It is offered at rates competitive to ERCP treatment cost in India. Typically, doctors recommend it for the treatment of problems with the pancreatic and bile ducts. It is rarely used as a diagnostic procedure. The rate at our units is comparable to cost of ERCP test in India at approximately 60K INR. The final bill may vary depending on the condition treated and the services provided at the hospital.

Yashoda Hospitals is a center of excellence for gastroenterology. We are equipped with advanced technology to perform minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. Our team of leading gastroenterologists from across India specializes in providing medical care for patients with gastroenterological conditions. We maintain international standards of treatment and care, ensuring quick recovery of our patients and facilitating their return to a normal life.

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