Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati

Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati

MRCP(UK), MRCP (GASTRO), CCT (UK), FRCP (GLASGOW) Fellowship in hepatology and Liver Transplantation (Cambridge)

Department: Gastroenterology
Designation: Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist
Years Of Experience: 11
Day time OPD: MON - SAT 09:00AM - 03:00PM
Location: Somajiguda
Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi
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With experience of working and training in some of the most reputed centres such as Cambridge university hospitals, Dr. Sarada brings home some of the international practices in the management of various digestive and liver diseases. She is one of the few JAG (UK) accredited endoscopists and is proficient in upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy and advanced endoscopic procedures such as endoscopic ultrasound. She has a triple accreditation in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and General medicine. Her special interests include management of various liver and pancreatic disorders. She is conferred with prestigious FRCP (Glasgow) for her academic and clinical excellence and also one of the few International MRCP examiners for India.

Education Qualifications

Education Qualifications

  • 2004: M.B.B.S, Andhra Medical College
  • 2009: MRCP (UK)
  • 2010: MRCP Gastroenterology
  • 2014: CCT – Gastroenterology, Hepatology, General Internal Medicine
  • 2018: FRCP (Glasgow)
  • May 2021 – Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist , Yashoda hospitals Somajiguda
  • March 2021- Visiting consultant gastroenterologist and Hepatologist ,Fernandez hospitals
  • May 2017 to April 2021 Consultant gastroenterologist and Hepatologist ,Citizens specialty hospital, Nallagandla
  • Nov 2015 to April 2017 - Consultant gastroenterologist and Hepatologist ,Global Hospitals, Lakdi Ka Pul and LB Nagar
  • Sep to Nov 2014 - Gastroenterology specialist training, Hinchingbrooke hospital (senior registrar)
  • Mar to Aug 2014 - Addenbrooke’s hospital, CambridgE, (Fellowship in liver transplantation)
  • Sep 2013 to Feb 2014 - Nottingham University hospital (Hepatology fellowship)
  • Apr to Aug 2013 - Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge (Senior fellow in Hepatology and Liver transplantation)
  • Apr 2012 to Mar 2012 - Hinchingbrooke hospital (Gastroenterology , Internal medicine)
  • Apr 2011 to Mar 2012 - Addenbrooke’s hospital (Hepatology, Liver transplant)
  • Aug 2009 - March 2011 Peterborough District Hospital (Gastroenterology, Internal medicine)
Services offeredServices offered
  • Medical gastroenterology
  • Hepatology
  • Advanced endoscopy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound
Special Interest and ExpertiseSpecial Interest and Expertise
  • Management of acute and chronic liver disease
  • Management of pancreatic disorders
  • Management of various GI conditions in women including IBD, GI diseases related to pregnancy in women
  • Advanced endoscopy including Endoscopic ultrasound
Professional MembershipProfessional Membership
  • AASLD - American association of study of liver diseases
  • ACG - American college of Gastroenterology
Research & PublicationsResearch & Publications
  • Combined Phase 3, Double blind, Randomised, Placebo controlled Studies evaluating the efficacy and safety of Filgotinib in the induction and maintenance of remission in moderately to severely active Crohns disease
  • A long term extension study to evaluate the safety of Filgotinib in subjects with Crohns disease
  • Combined Phase 2b/3 double blind, randomised, placebo controlled studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of Filgotinib in the induction and maintenance of remission in subjects with moderately to severely active Ulcerative colitis
  • A long term extension study to evaluate the safety of Filgotinib in subjects with Ulcerative colitis
  • Lead researcher for Addenbrooke’s hospital in a multicentre retrospective study on colorectal cancer in Liver transplant patients, 2011 -2012.
  • Common Variable Immune Deficiency liver disease, Sarada Pasangulapati, Huiqi Wang, Dinakantha Kumararatne, William JH Griffiths, International liver congress, April 2014
Awards and AchievementsAwards and Achievements
  • Liver disease in Common Variable Immune Deficiency and non-invasive prediction of pathology, Sarada Pasangulapati, Huiqi Wang, Dinakantha Kumararatne, William JH Griffiths. Awarded top ranked poster at BASL annual conference August 2014
Research Grants & ProjectsFAQ'S
  1. 1. Why do patients frequently visit Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati?

    Patients frequently visit Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati for Medical gastroenterology, Hepatology, Advanced endoscopy, Endoscopic ultrasound. To see more reasons visit the doctor’s profile on Yashoda Hospitals.

  2. 2. What is Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati's education qualification?

    Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati has the following qualifications – M.B.B.S, CCT – Gastroenterology, Hepatology, General Internal Medicine. You can book the doctor appointment through the doctor’s profile on Yashoda Hospitals

  3. 3. What does Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati specializes in?

    Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati is specialized in Medical gastroenterology, Hepatology, Advanced endoscopy, Endoscopic ultrasound.

  4. 4. Where does Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati practice?

    Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati practices at Yashoda Hospitals – Somajiguda.

  5. 5. How can I book Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati's appointment?

    You can book Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati’s appointment online for Online video consultation and Opd consultation.

  6. 6. How many years of experience does Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati have?

    Dr. Sarada Pasangulapati has 10 years of experience in Gastroenterology.

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కడుపునొప్పులన్నీ ఒకటేనా?

అల్సర్లు ఎందుకు వస్తాయి?

కడుపు ఉబ్బరం ఎందుకు వస్తుంది?

Gallbladder Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

కరోనా పాజిటివ్ అయితే ఎలాంటి జాగ్రత్తలు తీసుకోవాలి ?

మందుల ప్రభావం జీర్ణ వ్యవస్థ పై ఎలా ఉంటుంది

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