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How is Intoeing diagnosed?

Since the condition is easily spotted there is no need for diagnosis as such. A doctor can simply look at the way a child runs and walks and figure out the existence of this deformity. However, if they feel that there may be an underlying condition or complication that must be addressed, the doctor may do a physical examination or may conduct an x-ray test.

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How is Intoeing prevented?

There is nothing that can be done to prevent Intoeing in a child. But the further complications and damage can be prevented by treating the deformity at the initial stages.

Intoeing: Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

What is the treatment for Intoeing?

The treatment of Intoeing depends on the cause.

  • Internal Tibial Torsion: If the cause of Intoeingis internal tibial torsion there usually isn’t any treatment that the doctors recommend as it doesn’t cause any complications. However, when appearance becomes a problem, it may be treated with surgery where the bone is cut and roasted outward so that the feet point straight.
  • Excess Femoral Anteversion: Excess femoral anteversion usually gets better by itself, therefore there’s no treatment as such needed. In most kids, the feet point straight forwards as they turn 6 or 8. If it doesn’t change or if the child is facing discomfort, corrective surgery may be performed if the doctor thinks it is a good option.
  • Metatarsus Adductus: When the Intoeingis the result of metatarsus adductus, simple stretching may help set the right position of the foot. If the shape of the foot is extremely curved or if it doesn’t go away, doctors might suggest methods like bracing and casting. It will help stretch the feet into the right position.

Our team consists of orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, physical medicine experts, physiotherapists, pediatricians, and a bone specialist doctor with their dedicated support. We give a combination of treatments to children treating them with the best of facilities and technologies.

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