Yashoda Hospital has a dedicated cochlear implant clinic for deaf children and adults. The services offered are Cochlear Implantation , Bone anchored hearing devices , Auditory verbal therapy (AVT) and Rehabilitation.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A cochlear implant is a bionic ear. Rather than send sound to your ear like a hearing aid, the cochlear implant sends sound directly to your nerves of the inner ear by electrically stimulating the hearing nerves.. It helps you if you have severe to
profound hearing loss and when hearing aids aren’t able to make sounds loud & clear enough. Sometimes, if you have normal hearing in one ear but are deaf in the other, a cochlear implant in your deaf ear may help, too Cochlear implants have two parts: (1) an external sound processor worn behind the ear or on the head, and (2) a surgically implanted stimulator that sends sounds directly to the hearing nerve in the inner ear. The two parts connect across the skin using radio waves and are held together with magnets. Only the outside part has the battery, so that it can be replaced or recharged.

Who is a Candidate for Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants may be considered for adults and children with severe problems detecting sound and understanding speech in both ears, to the point where hearing aids are no longer beneficial.

An evaluation for cochlear implants typically includes a CT or MRI scan of the ear. Additional tests may be ordered for children who were born deaf.

Children born without the hearing nerve and are deaf may not be candidates for cochlear implants. In these specific situations, the patient may instead be a candidate for auditory brainstem implantation.

Cochlear implant candidates are evaluated by an ear surgeon, an audiologist and a speech-pathologist.

Cochlear Implants in Children

Kids who are born deaf and have severe hearing loss need Cochlear implantation at the earliest age so that they can develop age appropriate speech. Kids can be implanted as early as 1 year of age.

Our Team

The Cochlear implant Team is led by Dr. Manusrut who has a Post doctoral fellowship in Implant otology from CMC, Vellore. He has an experience of assisting and performing more than 100 cochlear implantations in various centres. Children as young as 1 year of age and adults as old as 70 years have been a part of this.

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