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Hepatology Clinic in Siliguri

Yashoda Hospitals provides outreach clinics at Siliguri for expert consultation, second opinion and in-depth discussion about Liver, Gallbladder, Biliary tree and Pancreatic problems. For an appointment, call  +91 9108032912 OR submit the form to receive a callback.

Patients with Liver problems can now avail medical services from their nearby outreach clinics. Seek our gastro specialist’s consultation for the below mentioned symptoms or conditions:


  • Liver Cirrhosis                     
  • Liver Failure                     
  • Liver Cancer                      
  • Fatty Liver                            
  • Ascites                                 
  • Jaundice                               
  • Hepatitis B & C                     
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding     
  • Pancreatic Diseases

The Outreach Clinic is a Health initiative by Yashoda Hospitals. Avail benefits of Super Specialty Medical Consultation at an Outreach Clinic nearest to you. While Family Physicians are generally the first point of contact and consulted for most medical conditions, an outreach clinic allows you to have a second opinion, stay updated and make an informed decision regarding the latest treatment options and medically managing your condition.

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