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Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India

We have one of the best team of brain tumor surgery doctors in Hyderabad, who are highly specialized in treating craniotomy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy
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What is brain tumor surgery?

What is brain tumor surgery cost

Brain tumor is a build-up of abnormal cells in the brain. It is dangerous since as the cancerous cells grow, they occupy the space of healthy cells. They can grow aggressively and use up essential blood and nutrients that healthy cells need.

If the patient is healthy, surgery is the best option to treat the condition. If it cannot be removed, then the aim is to control its growth. The procedure opted for changes based on factors like the type, size, and location of the tumour. The patient’s age and general health also play a decisive role. The following are the available treatment options:

  • Surgery:
    Craniotomy is the conventional procedure for brain surgery, wherein the surgeon opens up the skull. In case of more complex tumours, a biopsy may be taken to decide on the mode of treatment.
  • Radiation therapy:
    High-powered rays are used to destroy tumour cells. This can be done through either external radiation over several weeks or implant radiation therapy over several days. Gamma-knife surgery or stereotactic surgery is a recent medical advance. It delivers concentrated radiation to the tumour from many angles. It requires only a single session.
  • Chemotherapy:
    Cancer-killing drugs are given to the patient either orally or by injection. In intrathecal chemotherapy, the drugs are injected to the cerebrospinal fluid. Chemotherapy generally extends over a long period of time.

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What is brain tumor surgery cost in India?

The surgery varies on a case-to-case basis. The treatment option required for the patient changes depending on the size, type, stage, and the location of the tumor. Generally, brain tumor treatment cost in India is 80,000 – 4,50,000 INR. The price varies between different cities. Some other factors that will change brain tumor operation cost in India are the type of operation, the type of hospital room, the number of days spent in ICU, and the diagnostic procedures.

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What is brain tumor surgery cost

What is brain tumor surgery cost in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad offers competitive rates for brain tumor treatment n comparison to other Indian cities. Cost of brain tumor surgery in the city will be around 1,00,000-3,00,000 INR. The variation in the price will be due to the type of treatment opted for and the other services availed in the hospital. The cost of brain tumor radiation therapy in India is 1,50,000 – 2,75,000 INR. Hospitals in Hyderabad offer it for similar rates. 

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What is brain tumor surgery cost in Yashoda Hospitals?

Yashoda Hospitals is the best hospital in the region for treating brain tumor. Brain tumor operation cost in Yashoda Hospitals can range between 300000 – 350000 INR. The final bill may vary based on the type of room the patient chooses, the surgery opted for, the diagnostic procedures conducted, and other services provided. We also offer radiation therapy at our facilities for which the brain tumor treatment cost is 250000 – 300000 INR. Radiotherapy costs also change due to the different options available, including gamma knife surgery.

The hospital is the first to install Intraoperative 3T MRI in India. The technology offers faster and more accurate imaging. Since it is present in the operation theater, the neurosurgeon can use superior imaging to perform tumor resection efficiently. Thus, unnecessary multiple surgeries can be avoided. 

Yashoda Hospitals neurosurgical team is one among the best in the country and has highly competent brain tumor surgery specialists. Their work is guided with support from other departments like radiology, ENT, plastic surgery, and neurology to ensure the best functional outcome for the patients. Our facilities provide robotic surgeries and an Intraoperative 3T MRI (iMRI), which make even the most complex surgeries possible. 

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