Patients for the first time from eastern India undergo successful, complex neurosurgeries using 3T intraoperative MRI at Yashoda Hospitals

Kolkata, 26th October 2018: Ever since 3T intraoperative MRI was installed in India for the first time in Yashoda Hospitals, patients from the Telugu states and the nearby states have been successfully operated under neuromonitoring. At this hour we are proud to announce the twin achievement of successful neurosurgeries for the patients coming from Eastern India. For the first time, we received two patients from West Bengal who needed intraoperatively-monitored neurosurgery. Both the patients were successfully operated using 3T intraoperative MRI and they are here to share their stories with us.

When Dr. Venu Gopal, senior neurosurgeon, Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad was presented with Ms. Dr. Brati Mukhopadhyay, a 25-year-old woman having Right Frontal Gemistocytic Astrocytoma, a complex brain tumor, he immediately knew she needed a brain surgery to remove the tumor safely and completely. When left untreated the tumor may cause memory problems and behavioral changes. Dr. Venu Gopal performed an awake-craniotomy using 3T intraoperative MRI to remove the tumor on April 6, 2018. “I was suffering from seizures. After this surgery now I am totally cured,” said Miss Brati, a resident of Sibpur in Howrah.

“Surgical removal offers complete cure when tumors are inaccessible to chemotherapeutic medicines and resistant to radiotherapy. However, surgeries come with the risk of damage to nearby tissues and resultant side effects such as memory loss. This is where 3T intraoperative MRI comes into picture; intraoperative-MRI-assisted neuromonitoring during the surgery ensures step-wise resection of the tumor so the marginal resection is conducted safely without affecting the normal brain cells. Moreover, the patient is evaluated intermittently during the surgery to ensure complete excision of the tumor in a single sitting.” said Dr. Venu Gopal.

Mrs. Suparna Jana (44) reached Yashoda Hospitals looking for treatment for vision problems. Upon examination, the team of doctors at Yashoda Hospitals found that she was suffering from ‘Right-sphenoid wing fibrodysplasia’. Dr. Venu Gopal successfully operated her for right eye proptosis on February 20, 2018. After the surgery, she said “Now my vision has become normal.” with a smile.

The operating theatre at Yashoda Institute of Neuroscience at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, is specially designed and equipped with the most technically advanced iMRI, which uses the highest quality scanning sequences for up-to-the-minute images. Yashoda Hospitals gives the highest priority to maximize benefit to the patient with modern medical technology in terms of complete, faster & long-lasting relief from their ailments. 3T intraoperative MRI, the state-of-the-art technology at Yashoda Hospitals assists surgeons in their day-to-day challenges. Neurosurgeons at Yashoda Hospitals are trained and have worked with prestigious international & national medical centers. This unique combination of expertise and technology enables us to drive the best results on par with the world’s best medical centers.

 Who can benefit from iMRI? The Intraoperative MRI can greatly benefit patients who are planning to undergo surgeries for brain tumor, epilepsy, or Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. Some of the neurosurgeries successfully conducted at Yashoda Hospitals include deep brain stimulation surgery and awake craniotomy. Surgeons are powered with greater precision of 3T iMRI in the operating room integrated with intraoperative MRI imaging and navigation. Real-time imaging makes complete removal of tumor in a single-sitting possible to avoid multiple operations.

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